Where is placed servers of Battleborn?

English it is not my first language.
I am considering the possibility of buying the game. I’m worried about ping. I live near lake Baikal.

You won’t have a good reception I’m afraid.

The game uses cloud servers and the data centers are distributed globally. There are some in Europe and Asia East that might work out for you. However, in my experience as an Australian player, matchmaking will put you on US West/East most of the time.

If you are playing the PC version, then you can set region through Steam. I don’t know what’s on offer there.

Have they any servers in Russia?

No idea, I’m sorry. And the devs are on holidays so I don’t think we can get an official answer right now. :frowning:

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Just so you know there is no server browser in the game, and if there arent any players nearby the game can make you play on far away server. For example Im in Poland, but at night hours the game will sometimes move me to USA, and you wont even know about it. That said, I didnt had any problems with lags like in UT or Quake, while it could be due to client side detection, it is probably also because this game isnt really a shooter, and you dont need to be very accurate in it.

However I need to warn you that there is hardly anyone playing the game, so it can take from several minutes to hours before you will find players.

Lag compensation isn’t working correct with ping more than 160 ms.

That is why I was a bit surprised that there was no noticeable lag or usual lag compensation anomalies. I was playing only with US players and they were fine as well.

However just to clarify I was talking about client side hit detection, the often so called Zero Ping after one of Unreal mods, not about client side lag compensation by means of prediction which indeed sometimes can have hard set ping limits. That said with the game often not counting hits I wouldnt say it has client side hit detection, but then again, we dont know what developers did to Unreal Engine 3.0 with all the technical issues the game has.