Where is the First Vault Hunter?

Who is the Destroyer?

Taken from the morse code hidden in the Masterpiece of Mayhem mural.
Dos anyone have any idea what it means?

Looks like a reference to Borderlands 1 and the first vault monster released - the Destroyer. If you played TPS then you’ll know that Jack secured the eye of the Destroyer and used it to boost the output of the massive laser on Helios, which was subsequently destroyed in Moxxi’s attempt to stop Jack permanently. That raises the question of what happened to the rest of it - like the tentacles that shot homing ‘rockets’

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Great response, I am familiar with the games I just found it odd to be referring to the first on such a hype day!
I was convinced it was a shift or VIP code when translating it

Dagnammit, I genuinely thought I found something first!

First Vault hunter is named Typhon DeLeon, he went missing while searching for the Eridian homeworld. The map that comes with the collectors edition of the game is his map, which contains some clues.

As for the Destroyer, interesting to see that he might be back again. He was supposed to be a badass, but went down like a chump in Borderlands 1, would be nice to see that he didn’t actually die and wasn’t at full power in Borderlands 1, or something like that.

The tentacles turned into the Calypsos… >.>

Though I probably shouldn’t joke about that cause I’ll end up having to bury P.I.'s if it ends up being true…