Where is the "Friends Only" Group Privacy option for multiplayer? Why is this basic feature not available?

As title states, there is no option to choose “Friends Only” for the Group Privacy options. Its defaults to “Invite Only”, with the only other options available being “Open to Public” and “Local Only”. PLEASE ADD FRIENDS ONLY OPTION. We shouldnt have to invite a friend everytime to have them join our game or vice versa message them requesting an invite just to join their game. I do not understand why this wouldnt have been added as default to the options available. Was this not in Borderlands 2? (havent played it in a couple of years but im sure there was a friends only option in BL2).

PLEASE ADD THIS OPTION so i do not need to invite everytime. Its a real pain…


Oddly, “Friends Only” is an option available in the PC version of the game, but it’s missing on PS4.
Oversight maybe?

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I REALLY hope it’s an oversight and something they intend to put into the PS4 version. Because it’s SUPER annoying not having it.

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Still no “Friends Only” Option available as of yet. When will this be implemented please?

And still counting. 20 days later and still no word, when every other platform already has this so called ‘feature’ since launch. If BL2 has this on ps4, bl3 should probably be able to have it too. Be nice if claptrap updates found in game were replaced by something useful, like updates to basic game features. Claptraps learned to do stairs faster than we are able to join friends each time we go to the main menu. Speaking of, if a friend quits out of a game, you should stay in his party. This makes farming bosses co-op a chore.

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I just started the game yesterday with my fiancée and was wondering about the friends only option. For now I got to yell “Babe, send me an invite” for the other room to join her game because we play on 2 separate PS4s.