Where is the Game Manual?

Where is it? In what folder does it reside? I am by no means expecting a printed one like there should be. A “tutorial” is not a manual. HW1 had every unit and their stats, as well as instructions on how everything worked.

I do not wish to proceed until I find it, so if anyone has done so… please respond.

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If you are referring to the pre-order manual it is located in a folder called “technical manual” and resides in the main folder of the game. To download it you have to go to your dlc tab of the game and untick, then tick the dlc manual. It is no PDF file however but a programm and weighs in at ~650mb.

No, I am not referring to the overly large, mostly useless exploration “manual”.

I am referring to a game owner’s operations manual on how to play the game. Quick reference. Information in a condensed coherent form. Perhaps a quick reference card that may be printed out.

More and more, with every passing year, it seems we pay more to receive less. The community will of course eventually produce what the developers should have shipped with the game. And the developers know it. So they do not make the effort to provide what was a standard feature in ANY software sold. A manual.

No physical product.

No manual.

Forced Steam use. (I despise any third party between me and my purchase.)

No re-maps on keys.

No ‘orders while paused’ function.

I think the game itself is fine. I am enjoying the campaign, and the game’s flaws and omissions are easily tweaked. A lot of hard work went into this and it shows.

Then they blow it by not providing basic content.

I will not be recommending this product to anyone until/unless these issues are addressed.

First HWR and now this.

That’s two strikes guys…

Well I can agree with a lot of those complaints, but do keep in mind that “physical product” is for many of us no longer an important element, and in fact if we can’t have a purely digital version we’d be much more upset.

About a year ago I noticed I had nothing in my home to look at a DVD with.

Wanna know how long I haven’t had that, and never once ran into issues? 5 years at that point. Physical media other than sometimes a USB-drive are just a thing of the past if you live in a country with decent internet access.

Ofc that doesn’t mean physical shouldn’t be an option where it isn’t, granted. :slightly_smiling: