Where is the instant-unlock for PS4 season pass holders?

I haven’t recieved any shift code. Was wondering if they’ll hand them out soon or?


so am i

Hope we get this and other unlocks soon.

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"@XboxkingMcClure Hang tight! We will share the code in the morning Pacific time once the game has launched in all regions. " battleborn Twitter

Apparently this is in response to a question about the gold skins for consoles? Still the unlock code may be roped in with this… /shrug

Awesome, thanks for the response, guys! Hopefully they’ll issue them in the morning.

I’m one more ‘server time out’ from calling it a night though. Think I was in the queue for 1.5 hrs a while ago :frowning:

Anyway, see you on the battlefield!

EDIT: The moment I wrote this I was kicked from the only game I’ve managed to find…

Hopefully servers will be working properly tomorrow :unamused:

I’ll be on in the morning, about 8am eastern time…

Is this really serious??? They said all zone that means we all have to wait for Japan til May 19 ???


Just read this on the Battleborn Twitter in reply to someone asking “@DrDolittleMD The unlock key will be released closer to or with the 26th character, Alani. Keep an eye out for more news coming soon.”

Which sucks as we could have all the characters unlocked by then!, making it pointless!

Hey guys,

Just popping in to let you all know that the team is looking into this now and as soon as I have more info, I’ll let you all know!


Dude I hope that’s not true.

That’s reason I preordered digitally instead of a hard copy like I normally do. If they are seriously waiting till the end of the month for an unlock code I have a big problem with that. I can unlock all the characters myself by then.

I really hope thats just a stupid rumor.



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No sweat. I’ll come back with as many details as possible ASAP.


Can you also collect info about the Cyber skins that are supposed to unlock when you buy the season pass please?

Both myself & my sister have bought the season pass, got the Season Pass Holder title but not got the skins.

Even more infuriating is the fact I can see other players using them so I know they are unlocking for some people.

Pretty sure the cyber skins were buying the deluxe edition, not the season pass alone

The open beta advertised them as part of it.

Its also the first thing the game greets you with when you boot it up for the first time.

Also I think you’re mixing up the advertising for season pass and the deluxe from the beta. You will get extra skins and stuff from the dlc packs but the 5 cyber skins shown were advertised with the deluxe

Thanks for the reply, man! Any info would be very much appreciated.

That key was quite integral to players purchasing the digital delixe edition.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Agreed, glad they’re figuring it out. Funny enough, I still don’t even know who to unlock though haha

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Well without those codes it looks like I won’t be able to play one of my mains ( Caldarius) till I hit lvl 28 cause there’s no way in hell I see myself soloing the Renegade mission.