Where Is The Loot Tink Spawn Location?

The infamous Loot Tink spawn spot is somewhere in Jakobs Manor, right?

Or is it in Jakobs Estate?

There is Jakobs Manner location in Floodmoor Basin, and then there is Jakobs Estate entire map area, right?

I am just coming up Knotty Peak to meet Wainwright at Jakobs Manor.

Can someone hook me up with a map screenshot of the loot tink location?

And how is he Spawn-wise after the patch?

Can you still go Offline to enable his pre Hotfix spawn / drop rates?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure the exact location, but he spawns outside the elevator to the estate. If you start at the fast travel and go to the mansion you’re guaranteed to pass the spawn location.

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In floodmoor basin, the big house In the middle of gone map where you meet Wainwright Jakobs?

Or in the Jakobs Estate separate map off of floodmoor?

Jakobs Estate separate map

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@1sirus2 Gracias!

There is a definite spawn point for loot enemies? I thought they were supposed to be 100% randomized on location and when they pop up?

Just googled it…hmm…come on 5pm must get home and try this out.

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It was patched out. I believe you can only still do it by deleting the patch and playing offline.

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Is deleting the patch and going offline only possible if you have a physical copy of BL3, as I’ve heard?