Where is the Love for Quest Rewards?!

PLEASE add anointments to ALL Items in this game. OR just BUFF THEM!

Some Items that Can’t be Anointed:

*Extreme Hangin Chadd
*Pa’s Rifle
*Amazing Grace
*The Ice Queen
*Cake Grenade
*The Leech
*Cold Shoulder
*Sell Out
*Burning Black Flame
*Traitor’s Death
*The Emperor’s Condiment
*The Two Time
*Hand of Glory
*(The Rouge Sight)
*Porta-Pooper 5000


I think I saw anointed Buttplug in Earl’s machine, but could be wrong. Will try taking picture next time.

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I agree, on the old BL games the unique quest reward items were sometimes incredible but on BL3 they seem sub par for the most part. Seventh sense is still sick without anoints though.

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My moze has been patiently waiting for an anointed firecracker since dlc 2 dropped

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Would love an anointed Peashooter. Want to say I’ve seen anointed Chocolate Thunder grenades before in game.

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PLEASE Buff base game items and add anointments to all quest rewards?!


They surpassed legendary for me. Alot of ppl didnt know how to.use em all or well save scumming for parts/extra players

Sandhawk. Pistol from.robot outside hyperion collesium. That 4 spread explodong sniper.
Hammerlocks dlc blue gun as twofer and max damage. The Kitten was sick dps… I used it to healthgate axton n takedown the hammerlocks invincible partially… Its all blurry now.


I wish there was a way of getting quest rewards again - i levelled as a i played through, so many of them are alot lower level for me to use - and thats a shame as the only way to get them now is to make a new character and level it to max THEN go complete quests. Seems long winded XD

PLEASE Buff base game items and add anointments to all quest rewards?!?

And they will be pretty bad compared to legendaries (wich is the only thing they want yoi to use)

I feel like everyone is confused and thinks Legendary’s should always be more damage then Blues and purples :confused: BL1 Purple shotguns were god tier. Then BL2 uniques were amazing
But BL3 is lacking and that why I made this post and won’t stop until they are all buffed lmao. legendaryLands 3 is becoming pretty stale imo

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Earl’s Veterans Rewards machine sells them. Only base game rewards, though, but still.

pre M2.0 this wasn’t a real issue :sweat_smile:

i had a blue torgue AR that shot/barfed out a stream of ice/snow… it was such a fun weapon! i actualy found a purple variant shortly after M2.0… it was ■■■■■■■ useless! :frowning:

they just royaly screwed up with M2.0 and just refuse to do anything about it (i actualy quit playing shortly after only to return playing the remaining 2 DLC from SP1)

if i could i would have asked for a refund… but hey… GBX pulled a pretty big D-move with that…

anointments can not save them since all of them pre dlc3 are scaled for mayhem 1 therefore they would need to be upscaled to be useful in endgame, during regular level up there is no point to anoints anyway as you do not need that much damage wihout mayhem hp scaling.

now i am not saying they should not come with anoints they should and it is an oversight from gbx but honestly even if they did come anointed it would change jack squat.

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Buffed + add anointments and it would be nice. Not buffed like the Crit but why not have more items that are viable.

I know the games been through a lot but it only takes a few hot fixes to start adding the anointments and buffing a few at a time.

let me give you a problem gearbox faces. if they were to add anoints and buff quest rewards. literally every quest reward adjusted for m10/11 will carry you for 15 20 levels easily. this is not a very feasible you would never have to pick anything from the ground.

for example current state bekah, once you get it let’s say at the end of normal mode killing all of the challenge monsters that gun with recent buff an with usable anoint will literally carry you through whole tvhm playthrough so easily that nothing you will find on the ground (aside from other legendaries that are m10 adjusted) will come even close to it

Buff items to have more viable options Endgame > keeping balance for 1st play throughs

I do understand where your coming from, the Crit is now a Go-to on a new character because super OP but that’s just how the game is now?

can all the guns I listed can be used on M10/11? Even on normal mode most are extremely Meh

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i do not disagree i am just sayin game is royal ■■■■ up and gearbox do not know where they wanna be. why crit and hail and why not varlope ? who knows


Im still praying for the day they actually do buff these items tho. After recently buying DLC 5/6 and watching the early production stuff it’s clear this game was changed multiple times and I wish it would have been delayed a few years but we live in a cruel world lmao

Seventh Sense was Buffed today- No anointments added tho… I’m not impressed lazybox