Where is the Love for Quest Rewards?!

PLEASE add anointments to ALL Items in this game.

Some Items that Can’t be Anointed:

*Extreme Hangin Chadd
*Pa’s Rifle
*Amazing Grace
*The Ice Queen
*Cake Grenade
*The Leech
*Cold Shoulder
*Sell Out
*Burning Black Flame
*Traitor’s Death
*The Emperor’s Condiment
*The Two Time
*Hand of Glory
*(The Rouge Sight)
*Porta-Pooper 5000


I think I saw anointed Buttplug in Earl’s machine, but could be wrong. Will try taking picture next time.

I agree, on the old BL games the unique quest reward items were sometimes incredible but on BL3 they seem sub par for the most part. Seventh sense is still sick without anoints though.

My moze has been patiently waiting for an anointed firecracker since dlc 2 dropped

Would love an anointed Peashooter. Want to say I’ve seen anointed Chocolate Thunder grenades before in game.