Where is the Love for Quest Rewards?!

well… i was skeptic about that buff and the lack of anointment…

though it’s a absolute MONSTER on my zane! use only the 7th sense in maliwan takedown… it works! (not that it’s the fastest or top tier weapon but dayum!)

after god knows how long i’m actualy having fun again! i just adored this weapon but it was just lacking power… and it has just that now, and then some :joy:

so yeah, took you a while GBX, but credit where credit is due… you did realy well this time

I am glad your enjoying it! I haven’t got a chance to try it out yet.

I’m just upset because the game is based around Anointment and they just decide to skip that part on some items?

I’m honestly confused at this point if it’s that hard to implement the anointments? Or it’s just too much work for somthing a lot of people will never even see

i never realy was a fan of anointments :wink:

the 7th sense now shows guns can be awsome without anointments (hence why i once had an idea to remove anointments from legendary items)

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I’m curious if some anointments are incompatible with certain red text effects. If so, it would explain why certain items can’t come anointed.

Does not explain Buttplug, though…

Luneshine in TPS was done better and that pretty sad

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Most guns are just remodels or reskins with different effects.
For instance the Rare/Blue Redistributer has the same effect as the Legendary version but comes in different elements but yet the blue version can’t come anointed

Borderlands 3 it’s just a fabulous game! And they did so well at fixing so many problems that existed in BL2.

But I find it so odd that two of the most successful things that they did in BL 2 are basically nonexistent or neglected in BL3.

  1. Quest rewards that awarded just an OUTSTANDING and “unique” piece seem a total afterthought….or a least have ZERO impact on the game.

  2. While there is certainly endgame content in Borderlands 3, it honestly pales in amount comparison to BL2.

And I totally agree with the OP. All quest rewards should be able to have an anoint. No question! For this to even exist at this point in the game is an embarrassment.


Like i said, pre M2.0 the game was in a good state… Mayhem levels needed some attention (modifiers needed change) instead GBX threw everything away and brought back everything that people did NOT want…

In old mayhem, non legendaries weren’t bad and actually viable.

If they just kept that system there wouldn’t be much of a problem. Higher mayhem should really be nothing more then a build check

The higher you can go in mayhem the more rewarding it gets… Now it’s more of a “just jump into M11 because the rest is pretty useless” kinda thing and ignore everything that doesn’t have an orange beam :joy:

Oh and again… The 7th sense is how they should buff quest rewards that cannot roll anoinments :wink: it does pretty much the same damage as an anointed kings/queens call

PLEASE Buff base game items and add anointments to all quest rewards?!


As I recall the devs said on several red text items that cant have anoints it has to do with how they put together guns in engine. There are basiclly what amounts to a slot for unique item effects but some times they effects need to be broken up in to pieces to get the cumulative effect to work. In some cases the slot for Anointments is needed for such purposes.

As for buffing blue unique I understand there desire for the “rarity” code to have a spicific meaning. In most rpgs the rarest loot is generally the best. You want the rarest loot to be the best because it is difficult to get or has some sort of requirement behind acquiring it. Borderlands 3 had more Legendary items dropping then purples pre world drop nurf. So with that in mind the rarity code was more so attached to was the gun good or not. In any case I think they decided to stick with the idea that the higher quality items were always going to he better. I kinda wish they had kept doing what they did with the Redistibutor and made legendary versions of Blue and Purple red text items.

I think many of us would have loved to have the Pipebomb return at its original strength as a legendary. Tho OG Graveward oneshots were hilarious to watch with the framerates just chugging as he died.

I don’t entirely accept this as an explanation since anointments can be modded in on the quest items?

It’s clearly possible, though i understand it may be difficult and might require some working around in a non-standard fashion (such as adding an additional, non-fixed anointment slot to these items, for example)

Modded items can take a toll on stability. If you see people with modded items on PS4 generally you will experience lag even in single player and other bugs. On PC this is less of an issue if your running the game on a gaming rig designed for optimal performance.

One thing Gearbox did in the past which you may or may not have been around for what nurf to several special bonus projectile weapons like the Cutsman, Hyperfocus, and several others all to improve performance when these guns are being used.

Personally I don’t understand why they don’t scale back the light bloom effects, redice partical effects intensity, and scale back the animations used for status effects on enemies and so on.

I also wouldn’t look at it as na excuse it is more of a justification for cutting corners :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I think if a red text legendary like say the Sixth Sense dosn’t work with anointments you should just not put it in the game if the end game is balanced around anointments. I think most of the community has made it clear they only care about the end game experience and not the leveling experience (which is a shame because I have the most fun leveling)

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next Patch/hot fix can we please have Anointments added to all quest items.

If not at least give them crazy buffs so anointments are not needed!

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That could work :wink:

The 7th sense is now usable on high mayhem even without an anointment :innocent:

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I’ve come to the conclusion it’s better to have them viable then just forgotten so if that means no anointments and just massive buffs, so be it!

This gun would definitely benefit from 200% buff ahah

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my ever unpopular opinion was to actualy nerf/remove the damage anointments and make the ones like ammo regen more desirable (now with the previous patch i started using the on clone active ammo regen on a needle gun because i’ve just found one with that anointment… when i picked it up i was planning to just roll the 100% cryo anoint but after using the gun and almost turning it into an infinity i kept it and now have more guns with this anointment hehe)

the 7th sense was always one of my favorite guns but quickly became practicaly a peashooter in higher mayhem with M2.0 the buff still doesn’t make it a top tier gun… but now it actualy kills stuff in higher mayhem (and so a fun weapon to have equiped for mobbing)

Next Patch BABY LETS GOOoOoOo!!!

Yet another week without any news on buffing Quest items. Don’t worry I won’t give up!!

GBX should hire you :sunglasses:

I’m pretty sure they gave up on them after M2.0 :roll_eyes:

All they did after M2.0 was focusing on legendaries. Quest rewards are maybe good for a first playthrough but like you’ll notice in arms race, if you find a half decent legendary it can carry you through several levels while the quest rewards aren’t much better then the standard guns.

Took them a year or so to buff the 7th sense :sweat_smile: and it still is missing anointments :rofl: (damage wise it’s good but with the recent anointments rework it’s again in need of such to compete with other weapons)