Where is the Love for Quest Rewards?!

quest rewards get pretty much nothing

ive seen some mentally very questionable ppl who say quest rewards dont need annointments
its to balance them and its not a bug

which in this game is utter pure insanity

like… we are going to ignore guns like the coil or flipper or whatever
but the seventh sense cant have an annointment cuz…???

also most of the quest rewards suffer from getting no buffs

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At this point I just want them buffed (at least)
So many cool unique guns that people just pass over and say (not all guns need to be viable lmfao)

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Someday right you guys…?

Hello Darkness my old friend

Facepalm… someone at GB looked at the Earworm and said yea whatever I’m too lazy to buff it

Some day

How does it compare to a non mayhem scaled weapon?

Then again… Earworm non mayhem would also be lower :joy:

I just want one just because it plays metal :rofl:

Buffs someday?

Completely agree. But the same issue is true for many “legendaries”.

The biggest issue is that this game was not originally designed with Mayhem 2.0 and scaling in mind. It was designed around the original Mayhem 3/4. To me, that difficulty level (which involved zero scaling) was the perfect design. I still don’t understand for the life of me why they abandoned it 6 months after release.

If they wanted to make quest rewards “good” on Mayhem 10/11, it would require a complete weapon damage redesign almost. Maybe they will effect that from the start in Wonderlands, who knows.


The reason why i moved to other games is exactly this.

M2.0 is a big mistake and they made it even worse with their attempts at balancing legendaries…

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Going to post some before/After pics of Unique Snipers after the Hot-fix goes live