Where is the Mongol?

The legendary Vladof launcher that fires rockets that fire more rockets.

I’m pretty sure some people had the Mongol in some pre-release BL3 gameplay (I remember seeing at least one video showing it being used versus jabbers), but nobody’s seen it in the release version yet.

Was it removed or is it just bugged and not currently assigned to drop anywhere?

I have a legendary Torgue Launcher caused Scourge that spawns additional rockets when in flight that swarm around the main one until they get close enough to enemies. At which point they break off and home in on them.

Trading ceased

Is it a drop from one of the two?

I’ve killed them before and gotten the “It’s Piss” grenade, which I had assumed was their unique drop.

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Should be able to drop from both of them, it’s one singular itempool.

Well so far, I haven’t gotten them to drop a Mongol. Got a few more Piss grenades and some legendary COMs, at least.

I’m on PS4 by the way, which is why I didn’t just take your offer.

Well, more farming, still no sign of a Mongol from them. Did get a Tunguska, though, and still more Piss grenades.

On the picture he posted it says that you get an annointed bonus for Moze, but there is no text saying “Annointed Gunner”. It’s either edited or from an early or modded game build.

I wasted a solid 2 hours farming before I got suspicious enough to go Sherlock Holmes on it.

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Or I’m an idiot and looking for a reason to lose hope so I don’t spend my weekend killing an extremely rare enemy.

I dunno, I’m skeptical because Thunk and Sloth already have a unique drop that I keep getting from killing them.

So either they have two unique drops, Thunk and Sloth each have their own unique drop, or they don’t actually drop the Mongol.

I’m so upset lol

If I ever find it I’ll post here.
I may still farm them for now because I have everything else at the moment.

So you are trolling right? Because that’s not a real image.

So I’ve still had no luck finding a Mongol.

I’m just going to assume it can’t currently drop anywhere.

well i can’t say if the screenshot is fake but i can say that Sloth and Chunk (Thunk and Sloth) will NOT!!! drop the Mongol! And i’m 99% sure about that!
(beside that, any video i saw, the gun was alrdy owned after completing EDEN-6) and Sloth and Chunk is a rare spawn in Conrads on Pandora wich is way after EDEN-6

Those were pre-release videos using builds and gear already set from the devs. So we can’t go off of that.

I do agree that it’s currently not being dropped for whatever reason.

From what I’ve read, there’s a bug in the coding for Mongol which prevents it from dropping anywhere. One more thing that GB needs to fix, methinks. (Among many other things, I’m sure.)

Do you have a source for that? I got multiple ones, even an anointed version.

Well, I’m yet to see a Mongol appear on the PS4 version, myself.

Do you still have the savegame for it? Can you toss it here so we can extract the goods for the community?