Where is the new Skill guide for the forth tree?

It’s been a while since the new tree been out and still, no one has made or updates the skill analysis for any of the classes. Is anyone working on it or not?

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They might be, but it would take time. The existing skill guides took months for people to put together. Also, some of the people who originally wrote them may have moved onto other things. You could probably toss a coin to see if it will happen and even then you will need to wait.

Were there any particular questions you had about the trees?

I’ve moved on. Gearbox and I disagree on endgame balance.

The Moze guide would have labelled Big Surplus 5 stars and the rest varying levels of mediocre. I can’t speak for the authors of the other character guides, but I’ve not seen them post recently.

Though Ratore was nice enough to write a FL4K one quick.


Now I’m sad

Is there a place you’ve explained your thoughts on this subject in detail? Just curious what exactly turns away a player such as yourself who has been a pillar of the community.

I’ve not documented it concisely anywhere. I’ve also not said a ton about it on these forums, however you can get a good idea reading through my responses in this topic.

The short of it is however that I get my enjoyment from games like BL3 when I feel rewarded for min maxing. I want to take my understanding, use it and in return be rewarded by an easier path through the game. BL3 however has reached a point where I don’t feel rewarded for doing so, no intricate min maxing is required to make Auto Bear beat the game for you. No maximization of the damage formula is required for the Plasma Coil to vaporize everything.

The second layer to this is how superficial builds are. The damage of a Moze build can be ranked by how many of Short Fuse, Skag Den and Big Surplus it has. Nothing else is relevant, nothing else has an effect even vaguely close to those 3. If a build has all 3, how the rest of the points are spent is almost impossible to differentiate between on killing speed alone.

This all makes BL3 a really boring game to min max. There’s no pay off when the solution is obvious, and also the solution to almost all other build problems. There’s also no rewarding feeling to making a weapon work because surprise surprise, mayhem scaled Short Fuse is strong.


Most of people writing guides gave up , in addition to people already mentioned DocStrangelove (Amara guides) also said he gave up wrtiting guides a while ago