Where is the "sell duplicates" button?

Hey guys,

I just jumped back into the game and am already more annoyed than ever by useless loot.

After every 2-3 PvE matches on advanced or with 100 ops points, I have gained so much loot that my gear bank is full or overfull.

Going through 360 gear items once or more per hour is really, really annoying.

Can we please have a “sell duplicates” button or some indicator for duplicates in the gear bank please?

Do you guys have a similar experience with loot or is it just me?
Am I doing something wrong?


Sort by Type, then sell the dups that way.

It is a major annoyance. I would at least like to be able to sell items as soon as I finish a mission. (Like while it’s showing you all the gear you got.)

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That’s what I’m doing and what I meant with [quote=“l0wBoB, post:1, topic:1554640”]
Going through 360 gear items once or more per hour is really, really annoying.

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I have noticed I am getting a fair bit of looting doing the DLC’s with 100 points. My standard go to after a game or two is:

  1. Sort gear by newest
  2. Sell gear until I find something that is interesting.
  3. Sort by type, see if I already have one and if it is better or worse.
  4. Repeat until I reach anchor point (generally some legendary or really good item that I recall saving).

Usually takes me less than 5 minutes to go through all new loot I get from several hours of playing.

this has always been a major issue for me. if you are ocd you will be spending a lot of time sorting through gear constantly. if you go by type it doesn’t help because you still have to go through many lines to find the duplicates. the problem is that all “new” gear you just received cannot be displayed until you delete current gear to open up a new slot.

buying a new page only delays the inevitable as soon it will fill up and then you’l have even more lines of fear to sort through. i usually sort by rarity and then the silvers and greens tend to come up early when a new slot opens so i can delete them quickly. you have to sort after each game or too many new gear will build up and it will take forever. either way it still takes way longer than it should.

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…Hand raised :acmjk:

once you have a shitton of gear that is already pretty good its best to just go by newest and delete the new gear you dont really care for. only keep ones you think will be useful. you may lose some pieces you dont already have but if you have 300 pcs already how many of those are you actually using in loadouts?

yes this could be helpful then you could get rid of the worthless silvers or greens that you likely dont need anymore of if you have a huge stack of gear already. the loot in this game is a nice feature but half the time i dont even know what im getting because i have to delete constantly to open new slots.

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