Where Kid Ultra comes into play?

First of all, I want to say how excited I am for him! His drones look awesome and his ultimate is actually really surprising to me.

I was wondering where you see him coming into the Meta- I love double healers, so which healers would he do well with? I think a good alani might help as he’ll give increased health plus healing over time to synergize with her burst heal.

And I can only imagine using his hover mode after respawning to zoom back to the fight super quickly and turning the tides to push the enemy back and heal allies in the midst of combat

you can find his helix here, which helices look great?

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I think he’d do well with Reyna honestly. Stack that damage. And his stun and such seem great. Stack that Bolas damage for wave clear. Drones seem quite strong as well. Very hyped.

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As someone who almost always plays support, I am of course looking forward to having another option. Ambra is beast, Alani is in no way bad, but she is a liiiittle to offensive oriented for me. kid ultra’s skills remind me of a smaller version of the Operative from Swtor, so I will definitely be doing some extensive testing of him in the week of pre-access.

one big question that needs answering, how many drones can you have on one person? (I’d assume one, but who knows)

they’ve already answered your question! max is 4 (which is actually achievable by one KU with a helix choice.

they talked about it in reference to chaos rumble and turns out, the system can’t handle very many drones on a single person and will actually kill the performance- so the max has been capped to 4.

I wonder if each will give 250 health and normal health regen or if there will be diminishing returns- maybe @Jythri can answer

4 out in total, but on one person? that is 1,000 additional health with 244 health regen if on one person, I’m thinking that could make most characters rather unkillable.



Do you mean that period when ys DDE/SE holders get to play him before he becomes available to the general populace?

Do we have an exact release date yet?

Yes, I have the season pass

he comes out for season pass and deluxe edition holders this thursday 10/27 and for everyone else 11/3!



This Thursday?!?

For real?!!

I didn’t realize it was so soon!

Thank you!

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You know I love your new pro pic. lol

It was an accident lol. I’m considering putting it back. Should I keep it? I really love sunspots, they’re IMO the best skill in the game and I just really love them lol


No, no. Keep this, and feel it for the next 2 weeks. V_V


Okeydoke thanks lol

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I still hate how he looks but I am a support main so I guess have to play as him. (And master him)
He’ll still go in the (8-bit) trash meta though, I can’t stand him.

the way the skill reads, it is sounding like his drones are a skillshot, though I assume they lock on like Alani’s heal

In the stream they did say it can be hard to hit them. Which would make sense because they are still in the world when you miss them, so if ya miss the ally could still pick it up.I hope it’s a bit hard to hit for some reason. Just so I can say that I’m a pro when I get good at it. ;p

I don’t think we will really need to worry about putting multiple drones on the same target, seems his skills have a pretty hefty cool down time, especially for being his only method of healing…


it shos about 15s cd for your drones, 12s cd for bola. Luckily his ult seems to be on a 30s cd, so that may balance out the fact he doesn’t really have an alternate heal like alani, and no real reductions to cd like ambra.

EDIT: yes I do see that his 1st helix does reduce the CD down to about 12 which is about the same as ambra’s cd, but she can melee to reduce it, and alani has multiple moves that heal. I’m thinking the lower cd on the ult should counterbalance that.

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Agreed 100%

They’ll make a great support combo.

Hmmm i think kid ultra will have a serious nerf do his rocket damsge out put… Iv actually beat a oscer mike today and im already rank 12 with kid ultra

His drones are powerful if u use them in 2 ways… 1 like a!bra sunspot which gives 16% damage boost and an extra 10% with aura of justice then 5% with solar sustainer legendary

16% from helix
10% from passive
5% from legendary
= 32% damage increase to allies

Put that on earnest with his 10% damage increase from his helix… Earnest and kid ultra gets a full out 42% damage increase

I for see nerfs to this as its too high… I played aggressive with him… And my god this character is extreamly OP … People struggled with alani when she wasnt that strong

Bola slow/stun is extreamly strong… U say 1 sec of alani bubble was OP… Try 2 sec stun from kid ultra… Yet they remove ghalt stun… reduce alani stun by loads… But gives this character a stun… Or aoe slow effect

Healing is too strong on ultra if u pick drones now heal in an area… I forsee a bad combo coming up and that be kleese, ultra,earnest… Ambra is now wasted in the fortress with kleese now

Kid ultra is the new ambra that boost damage a lot for his allies… Alani been replaced by his stun/slow bolas and his insane damage by his rockets especially in AoE… This character will get a heavy nerf in future thats a garentee

So enjoy it whilst u can… Because i see drastic changes to him already

you must be high if you think kid ultras healing is too strong. or even strong