Where Kid Ultra comes into play?

How to Troll Your Team 101: Put a Support Drone on your Pendles.


pendles better learn not to steal my shards as i’m on the way to them or else hes going to get a drone on him


so the heals are really small, his health pool is abysmal, and his damage pales in comparison to bennedict or earnest, so what niche is this guy really filling? his heals are in DIRE need for a buff, the drones entire heal over time is negated by 1 hit from just about any enemy

I think his primary role right now is to destroy your FPS.

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i haven’t tested them yet, but I feel like his drones becoming their own station might be a good choice

yes, that is infinitely better then the single target 20 point healing, yet it is still very underpowered. I’ve yet to see a kid ultra on the other team do over 8k heals in an entire incursion. the ult cooldown is the only redeeming feature about him at this point. alekie was talking abut the stun, but good luck getting to lvl 9. you’re a healer that cant heal, and your main attack is overshadowed by both of the others who have the same weapon.

I think KU will take some time for everyone to figure out just how he should be played- i think the fans might have had an expectation for how he’s supposed to be played, but GBX didn’t intend him to be played like that, and thus isnt good at that playstyle.

as for offensive, yeah, compared to Benedict he doesn’t even compete. but that’s because they’re wildly different characters. compared to kleese’s main attack, reyna’s gun, or miko’s kunai, my limited experience so far says he outdoes them by a long shot.

so i’d say wait a bit, let everything happen for a bit, maybe let GBX tweak him if they see fit. then start calling for character overhauls or demanding his kit be changed

It seems to me he’s to be played much like Alani, filling basically the same role as Alani. He -must- remain in lane to get the most out of him so that he can keep up his synergistic kill assist aura on everyone. He can heal a team that’s not taking -too- much abuse. He’s the epitome of support, much like Alani. Even has pretty similar CC. Alani makes you move faster, Ultra gives you a raw damage buff instead. For once I think the game description is very accurate: Pusher + Healer.

I think healing from drones isn’t being reported properly.

ya i know they’re different, I just used it as an example that everything Kid does is majorly outdone by someone else.

no, it’s not. I’ve had a game where it said I’ve done 0 healing.

The heals from the ult are reported but not the heals from his drones.

Huh?? 20 health a second??? U sure

Cause mine heal 80+ a second… To bad u can only see it visual since you cannot see his healing in the logs

The only healing u will see is when u picked the support drones heal when u hit an ally with it or your ultimate those are the only heals that is being recorded so far

His healing is strong… Also you can stack 4 drones on 1 player which is really strong amplify there damage to whilst being healed

Also kid ultra hits harder then alani… Im hitting 150 a single shot which spreads to all players in range of the explosion

All i can say is

Attack damage
Reload speed
Solar sustainer

Makes this little bugger OP…yeah his rockets cannot crit… But his bolas can iv crited 600 with a single bola if u aim at the person head

Also if your late game… People will hate you as you can now shoot 3 bolas and stun for 2 seconds… And if u pick the homing helix… People will hate you for it

His bola also goes through targets so if u aim it right u can deal massive damage… And if u picked the DoT effect… they all taking damage over time

All i can say is… Iv beaten an oscer mike, thorn, orendi, in damage was at 230k in renegade advance and oscer was at 200k

They need to remove his bola from going through targets, 1 drone per ally, and reduce his splash damage radius about 40%

Of you pick the helix for ur drones to heal like stations … I think the size needs increasing ita far to small

His aura which adds 10 health per second… Aint that great… The 40% duration is far to strong and makes the aura kast indefinately… And the friends mutugen… Kinda pountless

His design is right… But he needs nerfs in theses areas

  • aura of justice needs a shorter duration
  • drones cannot stack on allies
  • bolas no longer pierce targets
  • reduce splash damage of his rockets

Buffs needed

  • increase size of healing drones on floor
  • regen aura removed instead give 10% reduce damage taken

This is my viewpoint of kid ultra and im rank 15 already with him

i usually go with the one where every person in your aura increases the bonuses by 10%, since it’s almost always up anyway even just by hitting some minions.

getting in some more kid ultra play time, and let me just tell you how much cool down those drones have. A lot, thats how much.