Where OMBS & MaTDB fall short

I enjoyed Attikus and Toby very very much, Toby more but both very entertaining and fun.

Oscar Mike and Montana are good as well but they both lack one simple but major flaw…

SHARDS!!! What the hell is the deal with the lack of shards!?

Attikus/Toby plenty! More than enough really
Mike and Montana? Better bring a generator if you want to use your OPS specific gear.
Or save every last one you find.

I may be the only one here, but the point of having this gear is to use in OPS, and you can’t activate them if you don’t have shards available.

Rant over, but seriously. Give me some shards!!! Lol


Yup, in the Montana dlc if you want to use the legendary that reduces damage based on OPs you need to generate.

I’ve gone into public queue and heard the same complaint but riddle me this… If there’s a possibility of having to buy buildables as a bonus objective, why would you not go in with a shard gear?
I’ve shared the suggestion when in public queue and am surprised at the amount of people who (if they had mics) say they hadn’t thought about that. It made me feel good to know I could impart a helpful tip so they could be prepared and quite possibly more successful.
I started carrying one after the first time I saw the ‘build 2 turrets’ request on release day for OM Op. I have no problem getting to activate 2 legendaries in there and it’s even easier with the new Op because it is more forgiving thereby allowing the shards generator more time. :wink:


True but when you start doing these at 100 OPs your gear loadout becomes more valuable.
To waste one with shard gen that could be sprint, health, skill or damage at that level of hurt just seems wrong. :smile:


I did the same thing for OM, but as @wisecarver said, it’s a waste of a slot, especially when you get up to the higher OPs.

The wrench you get in Toby is great for OMBS, especially at the end, but that requires shards that just aren’t available.

One or 2 large shards before going in, and maybe 1 each round would be an easy addition and probably more than enough for everyone.

In Montana, there are a ton of places you can add them

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I’ll see your logic and raise you the shard gen with skill dmg or cd with the -'s. I’ve done more than my fair share of the 100 runs without an issue with zero cost as well.

ETA: also the shard boxes respawn and we use that knowledge to our advantages

High-5, yes I am an OCD completionist and do each one with every character at 100 OPs.

I felt this way at first with OMBS but being an avid PvP player I adjusted pretty quickly to using a cheaper load out balanced in a different way.

I think it’s something important to teach new players so they don’t jump into an online match with 3 legendary pieces of gear! Not sure if it was done deliberately but if you reach the end of an ops mission with only 1/3 pieces activated you’ll soon learn and adjust.

For MATDB I have found a 0 cost generator (helps with turrets too) and two legendaries to be the way to go.

I’m with you here … i try to adapt with a shard generator, but as much as i enjoy all Operations i feel DLC 3 & 4 Ops have there flaws in terms of balance between activating gear & leveling characters during the mission. The Oscar Mike while it has excellent voice-overs is too simple & short. MoTDB is longer and has great atmoshpere like DLC 1 & 2 Ops but has flaws in balance of the what i told above.

Best regards.

I feel the same. Toby even had the hallways that allowed your entire party to get all of their gear activated before hitting the boss room. I was hoping they would have carried that concept over but NOPE!
I dont even think there are any large shards on MatDB

…Nope but it looks like they were going to put one in.
Before you enter to chase the bear there’s a secret jumppad that takes you to an island and then to an empty room.
That empty room looks like the shard areas in the Attikus dlc.

there is actually an extra mission to access that area behind the door that gives you 10 ops points and that’s how you get there. there is a bunch of loot there for that side quest as well but if you dont have the side quest its just an empty ledge.

Ah! I’ve done it 8 times now but haven’t had that one.

Another thing I’ve noticed with the DLCs: trend in boss design.

Attikus = Very unique boss design (a little Gundam, a little Caldarius, a little Zone of the Enders)

Toby = Evil Toby felt unique in concept (even if a tad too easy)

OM = Re-used bosses + Spider sentry with Varelsi hair-tuff

Mont = “Bear”, a.k.a Oh-another-Varelsi

I’d really like to see some more unique bosses, since I’m somewhat getting tired of seeing Varelsi everywhere…

First time stepping into the mission, I was immediately reminded of Jakob’s Cove + Bloody Harvest. Then I heard Montana shout off “Varelsi ZOMBIES!” and got even more excited.

Then enemies spawned in, and they were just regular Varelsi… then I saw the boss, and it’s some canine Varelsi.


Varelsi everywhere. Walking Varelsi. Flying Varelsi. Warping Varelsi. Shooting Varelsi. Unavoidable-AoE-Attack-Three-Times-in-a-Row Varelsi…

Boss Varelsi.

Mini-boss Varelsi.

Mini-boss Alpha Varelsi.

I really liked the level design in Mont’s DLC, I just wish the boss would have been a bit different from the norm, and not Varelsi Variant #0032.


I can empathize. When Battle Plan 36’s lore discussed the stump on Boldur’s back being a bear tree, I got excited thinking that it might somehow be the boss in this op.

The op is fun, IMO, but was definitely disappointed that it wasn’t about Boldur’s tree stump going on a rampage.


Well, to be fair, the Varelsi were completely absent in two and a half of the other ops. Hell, they had a chance to be completely absent from #3 as well.

Honestly it’s just nice to fight something other than minions.

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