Where the **** Does Old God shield drop?

I got one … no idea from when or where or how, but its shock and I want a fire one and I’ve farmed Amach and the guy at end of Dahl ship over 200 times and not a single one dropped. Do we really know 100% Amach is the dedicated drop ?

I’ll trade you for a fire one if anyone has it too

world drop sorry bud

I’ve gotten it from Tom & Xam, Amach and Empowered Grawn. Never from anyone else.

I just got another one from Amach. It’s cryo though and has a bad Phaseslam melee damage anoint.

You dont have a fire one ?

Why do so many people say Amach then?

I think I have one or two fire ones. I’ll have to check my bank.

because RNG gave them drops on amach and most ppl think their word is gospel.

That would be so awesome my friend . Let me know if you need anything too.

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Some bosses have a higher rate of dropping dlc specific loot, so the chance of getting it goes up because it’s not diluted by items out of the dlc. For me Empowered Grawn seems to be best source, he usually drops 3-5 legendaries on M4 and they’re only dlc2 things

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I like those twins bosses because you dont have to save quit on console . But even that I’m so tired of. I’ve killed them so many times I lost count


I’m tired of Flama-Fiddles, Oldridians and Seeryul Killers. That’s almost all that they drop for me.


Exactly !!

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Well, sorry to disappoint. The fire ones must have been part of the 3 that I traded. I have 2 corrosive and 2 cryo with anoints. I did just get a fire one tonight but it’s not anointed. I’ll happily send it your way if you want it.

Yes I’ll take it !! Psn is evenflow80

Assuming your on ps4 though…damn should have checked first

Yea, I’m on Xbox. Sorry. I’m used to doing this in the Xbox specific forum and didn’t even think about that.

The good news is that in about an hour of farming Amach tonight, he dropped 3 Old God shields with one of them anointed.

Thanks for the offer though man. Much appreciated

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You’re welcome. Good luck in your hunt!

Pretty sure everyone says Amasch because of things like this:

Hey bro. Empowered Grawn at the end of Dahl ship is your best bet still, that’s the only place I can consistently find them. The drop rate on it is just low unfortunately. I’m looking for a fire one as well. I’m gonna farm for it, if I find one I’ll send it to you.

Also I have a bunch of radiation ones that I don’t need if anyone is looking for those, I’m on PS4