Where the frak is FL4K?

Did I miss something? Has there been a stated date on revealing ANYTHING more about them? I’m losing my mind, because that’s who I’m going to play my first playthrough, and I’m STOKED. But no skill tree reveal, no gameplay reveal, and now the game has gone gold…what gives?
The two trailers for Zane and Moze are amazing, but I want me some FL4K…anyone?


:hot_face:Ah ha. Still…I’m dying over here…

Video for Amara and FL4K will be next week.

^pretty much this

they said they will be releasing videos tuesday/thursday to give a bit of a background on the hunters.

my only feeling is that FL4K will be last.

The character background video will amuse, I’m sure. But I’m personally more interested in his skill tree breakdown. It seems relatively overdue at this point. Release date is just around the corner, even if it’s a non-Euclidean corner that gets infinitely longer as we approach it…


Yeah, I am really jonesing to see his skills and gameplay…GIVE ME THE FL4K CRACK LOL

I think Gearbox is just saving FL4K as a last minute hype train inducer. It was actually really smart of them to release character information in a steady stream so they always have something new to talk about. Can’t wait till Gamescom!

that or Fl4k´s beasts require lot of work making the feel “alive”, yet not be on your way

I doubt that was the case since the game has already gone Gold. I’m betting he’s just the character that is most different from what we’re used to in the franchise so they wanted to save him as a last hurrah before the game releases.

I hope they don’t show him at all

It’s between him and the Siren for me. Can’t wait for their character trailers!

Amara will be in like 2 hours, and FL4K in 2 days.

yeah i also plan on playing FL4K as my first character. been looking all over for skilltrees, videos or any other details and so far all im finding are cosplay guides.