Where the H does Epicenter drop?

Is it still world drop? A YouTube vidyao said Kataball, but that was from September…I’ve literally looked everywhere online, from Reddit-Youtube-Mental Mars-Iceyveins, and can find nothing substantial…

Anyways, that’s it! Thanks.

PS. if anyone has Spring Epicenter w/ 20% Bear drop annoint(or any other good Bear-poop 'nades) I ain’t to proud to beg!

Randomly as far as I can tell. Had 3 drop off fabricator in the last few days. Think one from graveward this week.

DJdeadsk4g and world drop

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I’ve had a few epicenters from deadsk4g too while farming for a thumper. I’ve not farmed him during this event but seeing as he’s a Zer0 contract, i assume his rates are increased aswell. GL

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Thanks mate. I ended my evening with a Deadskag kill and parked there for tomorrow.

I have received most of my Epicenters from Captain Traunt. (anointed and normal)

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Yeah, there a YouTube vidyeo that says that as well.

I’ll go ahead and try DJ a bit since I just parked at him to farm last night. I’ll give DJ 100 runs and then go try Traunt if needed.

Thanks bruv!

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The red chest next to Gigamind. Also Gigamind as well.

Good luck!

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If you got one from a red chest it was a random world drop and likely not a good chance of it happening again or for anywhere else. Though, I may try Giga but for now I’m gunna hit Deadskag.

Thanks all!

I got two from killavolt last night over about10-15 runs

One must give themselves as many chances as possible, the actual world drop rate percentage of the Epicenter is sort of a moot point. The main focus should be allowing yourself as many chances as possible by taking every opportunity.

People see one opportunity “enemy X” move towards it while disregarding every other opportunity. I swear the “How to play RNG effectively for desired multiple statics on a single item.” is lost on today’s generation.