Where the hell is face-off?

After last weekend, I couldn’t wait to play some Battleborn. but then I log in and THERE IS NO FACE OFF??? WHAT THE HELL GEARBOX SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY FACE OFF ISNT THERE

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When I understood it right GBX exchanged Face-Off for an Incursion-queue as long Choas Rumble runs.
(PC only!)

Before this aditional change (during Choas Rumble weekend) PC players had only Face-off and CR as queue, which made many PC-players complain. After 1-2 days they switched queues, in favor of Incursion.

I think the queues will change back after the event.


It’s there, but it’s been folded into the Chaos Rumble queue. It’ll be back in Quick Match after CR ends.

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The same thing happend on Xbox one. Which irritates me, because i had been playing face off pretty much exclusively since it was released. I like being able to just kill the Varelsi and being left alone until i have around 200 masks and my whole team is waiting for me to score, but i wont, i just hold onto the masks.
The enemy team likes to give me alot of attention with all those masks.

It’s been 10 days, and still no return of Face-Off. D:

Mhhh, strange. It could be GBX changed queues in general (there was a PvE-queue change as well) but forgot to mention it in the recent Battleplan.
But thats just a guess, I have red no official info on PvP-queue changes yet.