Where to deploy digiclone during Katagawa Jr fight?

Wherever I put down the digiclone, he won’t fire at any of the sniper clones. With the way this a-hat refills his shields, I find this fight really tedious. I need a better electricity damage sniper or high handling gun. But what I really need is for the damn digiclone to attack the snipers. Seems his range is too limited.

Anyone know a good position for him during this fight?

He doesnt shoot the graveward for me, even when I plop him close. Depressing.

A Storm Sniper or Kill o The Wisp shotgun is great for this fight, if you can find them. Rampager currently holds KotW. But what they’ll do is work shields down even if you can’t get a direct line of Sight. Also, watch which clones bar matches the boss bar.