Where to farm class mods?

Slot machines ? Graveward ? What’s the best option ?

I’d like to know where you farm to get your class mods.

currently just bosses like traunt, warden, graveward, yea
i even sent a ticket now, talking about how they could make trials viable again
but right now its just not worth the time

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Depends on what you are looking for. I’d say Traunt or Graveward for most of them, however every character also has one M4+ Class mod and 2 DLC exclusive class mods and those are not going to drop from any normal boss.


Killavolt and freddie are good too because you dont have to save quit

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Thanks a lot for your answers, just one thing : which Traunt are you all talking about ? The one on Maya’s planet or on Nekrotafeyo ?

traunt on athenas

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There are also some in DLC1 (Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot), if you have one, try your luck there. Otherwise, good examples like Killavolt have already been mentioned here, with which I got many while farming for a good monarch ^^, but the class mods themselves were not so mine.

I’ve been farming Ruiner and it’s been dropping quite a few class mods

Ruiner, Gigamind, Graveward. I’d do those 3, since they’re fast kills and basically loot pinatas.

For DLC1, I’d just run the end boss, Jackbot. He drops mods with pretty high consistency.
For DLC2, I’d run the Empowered Grawn at the end of the big Dahl facility.

Hands down the best two I’ve found are Freddie in the VIP Tower and the enemy just before Freddie, the one in the room you spawn, anytime he drops legendaries they’re mods every time

Mods List

-green monster (Moze)
-seein dead(fl4k)
-golden rule (Amara)
-blast master(Moze)

(Will update as I get them)

Other players are a lucrative way to get class mods. :wink: