Where to farm e-tech

Did anyone find e-tech pistols yet?
Is there a good place to farm them?
Vending machines? Chests?

Haven’t been trying but one of the best places to farm blues/purples is probably Slaughter Shaft, I can’t see any other farm giving more quantity as quickly/easily other then maybe gungun.

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I found them all just by killing enemies and looking into loot piles however I don understand why bother since they are vanilla scale and far far far behind legendaries they are just cool for normal playthrough story

Quickest farm is as or any boss with red chests who does easy. Got 2 from syslesto and atomic

I was thinking of vending machines, frankly (including Earl’s). My route is generally:
Sanctuary III: Marcus’ and Earl’s shops
Devil’s Razor: Roland’s Roost and then Boomtown
Floodmor Basin: Knotty Peak and Reliance
Sanity’s Sanctum, Meridian Metroplex

Carbuncles arent horrible, could def use a buff compared to “craps”(56000) but my blue lvl 65 m10 outputs 9000x8

Don’t forget that is at the ammo cost of how much? ))) It is mathematically very bad still

Moze/fl4k…never reload - not a problem
But yes i know, cost is 8 1 bullet per projectile - 1 reason i compared it to craps

OK I probably found some already
I was for some reason looking for the pink rarity color from bl2
So it’s just the pistols with alien barrels?
Shooting spiker projectiles?

they are mostly shooting sticky explosives carbuncle being the best one but they are not exactly best in slot purples

Probably either vendors, bosses or the Slaughtershaft

Yeah, E-Tech is just another name for the Alien Barrel stuff. It’s not just pistols though, there’s ones for pretty much any weapon type and the effects can vary wildly from sticky bombs all the way up to essentially Flamethrowers.

I am familiar with alien barrels in this game
I just hoped they would bring back the old
e-tech rarity from bl2, plasma casters, darts, etc.

https://borderlands.fandom.com/wiki/Pushdug looks interesting to me?
are the sticky explosions of all these pistols considered splash damage?

omg there are darts now? <3 <3 <3

atlas is missing tho :frowning:

I think the Pricker is more dart-like (the rounds have a little homing), where these alien-barrel pistols are more like spikers from BL2.

Vladof’s Pushdug is my favorite of the alien-barrel pistols… in Moze’s hands with some help with Bottomless Mags, the papapapapapap of a bunch of those rounds popping is good fun. I believe they qualify as splash… if I fire at the ground and stand on them when they pop, I take damage.

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I was just assuming because the cov says “slow moving darts” not typical for cov tho

You need to find Dr Zed first :grin:

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