Where to find Luck Cannon?

So where is the best place to get the luck cannon? I have all the DLC but I haven’t played hardly any of it and have found zero legendaries from the new DLC.

Play in the claptrap DLC, also, if you have Legs from that DLC that you don’t want, you can use the grinder and farm that way.

ive gotten most of mine from EOS.

Any loot source but from a ultimate badass glitch is the highest chance i got one if you want one my GT is wonderingred317

Glitches I believe have a marginal chance to drop them but I don’t know.
I know that the final bosses of the Claptastic Voyage (man the DLC name sounds so wrong to me) have a chance because I actually got one from them.

It had a Jakobs grip and the Dastardly prefix.
I gave it to a friend though. lol

Most people say only badass glitches drop it but I have found one from the little flying glitches that come out of loot boxes just about 20 mins ago.

got one from the little flying bug on the bridge after getting to subconcious. just lucked out that it didn’t fall.