Where to find Medical Nano-Colony?


In May, one of the updates said it fixed an issue preventing players from acquiring Medical Nano-Colony. Anyone know where this can be obtained? Is it available in LLC loot packs?

Looks like it comes from the LLC lootpacks: Battleborn Legendary Gear - The Ultimate Guide

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Appreciate it. The list I was looking at hadn’t been updated, but it is clearly an LLC item in appearance.

Can anyone confirm?

This is a cool gear guide, thnx for posting it :dukeaffirmative:

I recently added sources to my Gear Search app using information I data mined from the PC version of the game. While there may be errors, it looks like that one is in the general loot pool and/or is missing from the faction loot pools. The thing with faction loot packs is that getting a legendary in pretty rare (i have only gotten one since I started playing and I have opened a lot of faction loot packs). Your best bet would be farming epic loot packs since they have a much higher chance of a legendary…Just way more items in the loot pool.

Yeah, but the sources don’t clearly indicate faction packs…or I’m confused.

If you click on the sources displayed on the card you can see all the possible sources. I can only fit 3 on the card and have to hide the rest.

[edit] i might have to make it more clear there are more sources.

It shows all factions, not just the correct one.

Ok so what that is, is there is a slot in Command packs which is a bonus reward. This for whatever reason points to the general loot pool, meaning it could drop anything from it. I’m not sure if its any error in my understanding or if there’s some filtering applied. But that particular legendary is not present in the LLC loot pool used for LLC Faction packs, at least not in the data I have.

Actually reading back over what you said, this could be another instance where I can’t see the updated loot pools for LLC faction loot packs. I would still say opening Epics would net you a higher chance than faction loot packs though.


Going through all the loot pack legendaries, it is the only one that isn’t included in its respective faction pack so given it was “fixed” in a hotfix, i am gonna update my info so it shows up as a llc loot pack drop

Just realized the rarity range bracket I was using for determining “Very Rare” and “Extremely Rare” was off. There should now be a lot more sources that are “Very Rare” now. Also Medical Nano-Colony should now display LLC Loot Packs as a possible source.

Appreciate the update. FWIW, I use your gear search all the time, trying to figure out what gear might be good for various characters and such.

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