Where to find the 2013 Community Day Heads?

On Ps4 if it matters. Would love to jave the Krieg one but dont know where to even start looking.

Any help/tips plzx?


They’re very rare world drops, so smash literally EVERYTHING in sight wherever you go, check all the loot spikes, and hope for the best. There’s a thread in the PS4 trade section for people looking for these items. I’ve never seen one drop in my own game despite some fairly extensive searches.


Does it matter OP8 or not or what playthrough for that matter?



Nope - any mode.


I’ve searched for years and have only found one. I found Krieg’s Community Day skin from a skag pile in the Badlands.


Well i’d have to say i’ve been quite fortunate in obtaining most of them but mainly due to my son who loved farming for them.   His preferred method was using a high level Maya with Fleet - for movement speed and Scorn - for blowing up lots of piles all at once.   His favourite routes and places were all the Bullymong piles on the way to and around Tinder Snowflake and the remaining areas if you have that dlc, and oddly enough Henry’s lair where all the stalker piles are has been good to us as i myself when farming for Love Thumper’s will search all the piles when doing so and is where my son found his most recent one not long ago …

You can Phaselock Henry and blowup most of the piles with just that single PL and is a very quick farm.   Just shoot the remaining piles and keep your eyes peeled for Blue as that’s what they all are.

I don’t think it matter’s which toon you use, or should i say i don’t think it will weight the odds in favour of the toon you are farming with, but if you are looking for just a particular one to start with you could try using a low level Fabled Tortoise shield with a class mod that lowers shield capacity (like Zer0’s Sniper com) to gain the movement speed bonus to expedite the process a bit, but being as rare as they are i couldn’t say if it matters which toon you use.   My son’s Maya was just for farming skins but having recently lost all my toons they’re all gone :cry: … so we’ll have to start again.

I’m also not aware if they can be traded? @VaultHunter101 may know the answer to that, but i was planing on finding out with the skin in the picture above until we lost our toons, so if i ever find another one it will be something i try.

I hope this helps you a bit, but the main point is just as VH said …

This :point_up:   I try not to do it in co-op because it’s a habit i have of just having to search every single container, pile, box and locker there is, but that’s why it’s such a pleasant surprise to find one or a Legendary in a locker or a cardboard box, or a Pearl in a Bullymong pile so i wish you the best of luck :smiley:


You can. Instead of Dropping the gear, use the skin then lose the duel.


I only have the Gaige one. I wish I’d taken a pic of it when I found it but I’m pretty sure it was a case of I didn’t know what it was I’d found until much later on!