Where to get all the information about updated HW2 Engine?

Good day. Please let me know if somebody knows.

Where the user, can see the full list of changes for the updated engine Homeworld2?
What version used currently? What was added, or removed? May be something was fixed/tweaked.
Since its release, it’s been more than a year but I’ve never seen this information.
I want to learn all the details, thanks…

I don’t think that is intended to be public information, aside from the infos some of the devs have shared among several threads over the months (you would have to search for it yourself).

I’m not talking about the details of programming language.
Why not announce support for new effects in the graphics cards (what effects exact)?
For example, maybe, now the engine can use resources not one. but two CPU cores?
It is also a mystery? :wink:
Also what version used currently?

HWR is still a single core engine. That won’t change. New shaders, God rays, depth of field, motion blur, etc. Since steam auto updates, version number doesn’t matter so much anymore.

Check out HWMOD wiki for more info on modding changes. http://hwmod.wikia.com/wiki/HWR_Tutorials

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