Where to get some of the non-unique purple staff for Zer0?

Hello everyone!

So, my question is about collecting some of the purple rarity items to make my Zer0 even more awesome, but I need help in finding best places to go and get them.

In particular, I’m looking for mobs/bosses/chests to get:

  • Stockpile Relic - which gives bonus SR and Grenades ammo;
  • Transfusion Grenade - a slag one which spawns 8 child grenades;
  • Droog - low-level, critmachine;
  • Snider - in all elements;
  • Rogue - different types;
  • Magic Missile.

Any suggestions on places to farm/raid to get these?

Stockpile Relic,Transfusion Grenade, Droog, Snider:
Chests => Gold chest in Sanctuary, Marcus mercenary chest
Bosses => Pyro Pete, Ancient Dragons or any bosses that drop large quantity of loots like the BNK-3R

Rogue: Mimic chests in The Forest and Dragon Keep
Magic Missile: Magic Slaughter Badass Round (good Luck)
Both in DLC4.

This is what i can think of.

Everything but the Rogue COM and the MM are also world drops, but chests are the best places to find them. The red Dahl chests are good places to find purples as well.

The Magic Missle and Rogue COM both require the Tiny Tina DLC. Your best bet for Magic Missle is Badass Wizards and you can get the Rogue COM from treasure chests in that DLC. For the Transfusion Grenade (and perhaps Stockpile Relic), your best bet is probably to farm the How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day DLC. The loot train gives 4 grenade mods and a few relics each time you kill the Snowman.

You could also try farming LLM in WEP (for a Stockpile Relic) as long as Doctor’s Orders is open and you haven’t picked up any (or at least not more than 1) of the Notes or farm LLMs in Thousand Cuts with Rocko’s Modern Strike open (don’t turn it in) for a Stockpile Relic.

As for the Droog and Snider, those can be gotten from almost anywhere (Bullymong / Skag piles, chests, vending machines, etc). You might want to consider using Shift codes to get Golden Keys. Most of the time you will get 2 Purple (or perhaps E-tech) items, unless you get either a Rocket Launcher (in which case you will get only 1 item) or Relics which are almost always Blue.

NOTE: The only place I have reliably gotten Transfusion Grenades from is the Loot Train…

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What’s the deal with this? Some sort of bug?

No, picking up the Notes simply reduces the number of LLM’s that spawn in the room with the Red Chest and the 4 cardboard boxes (one Note being in a cardboard box in that room). I think it was probably by design. Likewise keeping Rocko’s Modern Strife open (aka not turning it in by actually speaking to Rocko) results in a greatly reduced number of mobs spawning, which allows you to check containers for LLMs much easier in Thousand Cuts. However if you already picked up several Notes and / or turned in Doctor’s Orders and / or turned in Rocko’s Modern Strife, then you would basically have to reset UVHM if you wanted to be able to farm those areas for LLMs by keeping those missions open / uncompleted.

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Farm either the treasure room in the pirates booty dlc, last headhunter son of craws treasure rooms and chests throughout the map, or the marcus train chest. Those are some of the best ways for purple, blues, legendarys and first wave of pearls.

[quote=“lureifaysmd, post:2, topic:520210, full:true”]Chests => Gold chest in Sanctuary, Marcus mercenary chest[/quote]Addendum to that – loot from the Gold Chest in Sanctuary will be at the level of the character that opened it, and will always be blue or orange rarity.

Blue, purple or e-tech. No orange.

[quote=“lureifaysmd, post:9, topic:520210, full:true”]Blue, purple or e-tech. No orange.[/quote]…and E-tech. Dunno how I forgot that.

If you’re interested, I just stumbled onto an OP8 Gentleman’s Snider (shock).

I got my lv. 7 droog from the slot machines in Sanctuary. Might be worth checking out if you’re having no luck.

GOD-liath farming also gives you purple items most of the time. Frostburn Canyon would be my first choice, since you can also farm LLM’s and Tubbies there.

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For the stockpile relic, I would recommend farming LLMs for the E-tech version (Heart of the Ancients, I think). It’ll probably be faster than trying to farm general loot sources for a purple stockpile relic, which are quite rare in my experience.

In my time running Sniper Zero it’s been very rare for me to run low on nades even without extra carrying capacity, so I wouldn’t invest too much time farming for a relic with both nade and sniper capacity. The sniper ammo buff is way more important.