Where to level?

So, I’ve been playing through UVHM with Nisha. Killing everything thus far, only just recently had to cash in some Gold Keys to upgrade some of her gear. I’m at level 59 currently, but I’m nearing the end of the main story, so remaining levels will have to be grinded out. So, where is the best place to do so? What enemies give the best XP?

It’s amazingly slow going, isn’t it? I did all five rounds of the Slaughter Pit, and got half a level; more of the XP came from turning in each round than killing things while doing it. It seems like the only way to do it is to reset and repeat the story. This isn’t something I particularly want to do though, after taking all 6 characters through normal and TVHM. Basically, there isn’t enough story. It would have been better to leave UVHM capped at 60 or 61 without any more story DLCs.

Yeah, I very much agree.

Getting to level 50 is all well and good but even with all of the DLCs getting from 50 to 60 - not to mention going all the way to 70 - is a grind. BL2 provided four full-sized DLCs to help get you to 72.

Badass Kragons are plentiful in Serenity’s waste and in Regolith Range. You can grab Iwajira, Deadlift and then Nel moving from one to the other.

I found it easier to level while doing side quests. Stuff like:

  • Bunch of Ice Holes (from Nina) - it says is gives around 25k xp, but if you do the optional objective “Kill shugguraths of ice: 0/3”, in the end you will actually get almost 35-45k xp (depends on current level)
  • Pop racing (Lunestalker) - do the optional “Beat Lunestalker on first try” to get more xp
  • Zapped 1,2 (Springs) - “Ignite/shatter enemies” gives bonus xp
  • Sub-level 13 is also quite big on experience - 67 000 total (not sure if the optional objective gives more xp here, but I always did it anyway “Kill ghosts with E-GUN: 0/5”)
  • Things that go boom - also gives crazy amounts of xp

So basically do everything, that gives 20k XP and more.

I played twice with Nisha on UVHM, first time from 51 through 62 lvl, actually doing every single side quest, then farmed the Sentinel for another level (sure it’s not that fast to level with him, but it was fun anyway). Second time 63 through 70, again with all side quests.

Oh and this place? You can hold these guys off for like an hour with a Tesla and Tombstone (and get a level or two)

I found that it was faster to reset UVHM and play through it again to finish leveling. The campaign plays fast, and levels come quickly. Certainly felt less monotonous than grinding xp repetitively.

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Resetting UVHM. Yeah, I was afraid that was going to be the answer. Guess I’ll finish my current play through, polish off side quests I’ve been putting off hoping to do them at 70, try to upgrade at least my shield and pistol one more time, and then take the plunge and reset again.

To Colder, yeah, I held out at the point for as long as I was able until the turrets finally stole 12 kills from me.

Thanks for the advice, all.

It probably won’t feel bad at all once you’ve embraced the reset. I find that 70 playthroughs are some of the most fun ways to enjoy max level in this game. Otherwise, you mostly farm 2 raids and the Holodome.

I had a big chunk of time a few days ago, so I reset my 70 Jack (again) and powered through a bunch of the game. Along the way, I got to EOS and Eclipse with 700+ stacks of Money is Power. That was an incredibly good time.

It probably wouldn’t be quite as annoying to me if I’d gotten everyone up to 60 when the level cap was first raised. 5 of my 6 characters in BL2 were 61 when the second level cap raise in that game came out, so resetting them all wasn’t quite as big a deal. But TPS came out around the same time that I got an XBox One, and while I did get Nisha up to 54 and got started on UVHM, I ultimately got distracted by games on the One over my 360 games. I also didn’t get the Handsome Collection right away, resolving not to unless someone on my friends list did as well so I’d have someone to play it with. Someone I knew did get, and of course I hardly saw them play it after a couple weeks. Mostly ended up soloing most of the Raids in BL2, getting the last 30 seconds of the battle recorded for bragging rights, and mostly neglected TPS, just firing it up every now and then out of boredom, until just a few weeks ago. Now I have to try to get characters to 70, and not enough missions to do it in one go. I was kinda hoping the next time I reset UVHM, it would be just to play it through at level 70.

I always reserve the Guardian Hunter mission (Vorago Solitude) for power leveling. I sit there killing the first guardian (intended to be the fire capture). There’s a nearby air spot when needed, but they drop plenty of Oz canisters. You can gain several levels per hour there in UVHM. And you can always quit out when your gear starts getting weak, and come back later.

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I nearly forgot about that mission. Haven’t used it in quite some time. Might be worth a try. Gain a few levels, and Nisha can make some good Jakobs guns last for quite a few levels, then hit the Gold Chest and/or the Grinder for some fresh gear as necessary.

Thanks for reminding me of that.

In the time between when I originally posted this thread, and my last reply, I went from 59 to 61. Just an afternoon shooting those guardians, and I hit 64, and am half way to 65. So this is definitely working out. My 59 Twofer Maggie is still killing great. I should hit 70 by the end of the week.

Thanks for reminding me of this quest, Cobra.


The Guardian Hunter mission is also great for getting Badass Ranks when trying to achieve top use for each weapon at level 5 (especially the annoying one where you need to crouch with the Rifle).

this, it’s my go to place to power level myself or others. Havent found anything to beat it yet

good place to farm moonstone also and BAR challenges

And Nisha is level 70. That went even faster than I expected. That Maggie lasted for the duration, even though it was 10 levels low by the end. Now I just need to get her some level 70 gear, but that I can manage, just some Gold Keys and patience with the Grinder. 1 down, 5 to go. Hopefully slightly easier since they all get Nisha’s hand-me-downs.

Thanks again for all the advice.

Congratulations, I know you’ve probably already quit the area, so this is mainly for other New players (or old) that may use this method to power level themselves,
I have found a lot of Good gear (at or very near Level), laying around including purples and Legendary’s, after a session (not dropped gear). I know the Guardian makes it a pain, unless you kill/capture him, but sometimes it is very worth the time and trouble to look around a bit.

Glad you made it. I’m still not wild about this, since I find doing exactly the same thing over and over incredibly boring. Given that the only way to get to the Guardian Hunter mission is to complete a significant chunk of main story anyway, I might just have to resign myself to two play-throughs in UVHM if I want to max out. Kinda stuck on FO4 at the moment, though. Stupid settlements - why are you so addictive and demanding?!

Got the same problem, just cannot seem to even get BL loaded on my Xbox 1, only thing I seem to be able to do is turn on the XB1 and lose myself into Fallout 4 again and again

I tried putting my BL GOTY disk into the XB1, but the drive just barfed it back at me. :frowning:
FO3 runs fine, though… And I managed to get the extra wiring sorted so I can still use the 360, meaning I was able to get some BL2 time in and will, at some point, get back to TPS. I might start Clappy//Fraggy on UVHM while I pluck up the courage to push Athena further along.

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While you’re looking for your end game gear, you might want to have a look at my laser build: it’s designed to have nothing to farm, so it’s a perfect choice for your current situation. :slight_smile:
(Can’t link it on my phone, thread title is “pew pew motherf%$!r!”)

Just find a shock Tediore or Maliwan splitter (parts don’t even matter) and you’re good to go.

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