Where to put my last 6 skill points?

this is my current build with a projection class mod +5/+4/+4: with that build i have 6 skill points left.

i run Hyperion gear only. for the “sponsored by” skill, i usually switch from a Torgue or Vladof weapon to my Hyperion guns (Fatale, Viral Marketeer or incendiary shottie, shock shottie).
i am doing pretty fine at Eclipse/Eos already, so i have no clue which skills could improve me further on that fight or the Mutator Arena.

since i use the Shield of Ages, i think i don’t need the “You Have My Shield” skill. that might Change, once i get my Rerouter shield though.

sooo, where should i put my last 6 skill points in?
i thought about putting 3 Points in 2 of those skills: “Winning”, “Optimism”, Delegation".
which 2 of those 3 skills should i take? or fill up “Teamwork” and put 5 points just in just one other skill?

any ideas? thanks in advance!!

I’d personally max out Winning then top off Teamwork. But if want to go 3 and 3, go for Winning and Delegation.

max out winning for the 25% shield restoration on kill? that might be good with a Rerouter shield!

Go for it. Or go with 15% shield restore and essentially 15% Damage Resistance. Up to you.

fine, i go for winning then! thanks!
so the explosions from optimism are not worth it at all?

According to Blut’s guide, it wasn’t that great IIRC.

That’s what I’d choose to do.

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Put one on the Merger skill

i don’t know man. does it do any harm at Level 70 in UVHM??

Is the skill Diversify any good? (shotgun lasers for Digi-Jack’s)

i’ve always been running it. so no clue. shrugs.

Yes of course it will. that skill is amazing

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according to this thread, winning doesn’t proc on every kill?? :frowning:

Jack got some hotfixes today

They fixed that a while ago.

so it procs on every kill now? regarding that thread, they just fixed the amount of shield restoration?

It works properly now. The shield restore and movement bonus activate on every kill.

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Get winning and Inspire.

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I highly highly recommend picking up a couple good elemental lasers if you are going with the gun manufacturer build. Well any Mailiwan weapon will do but you can make a nice build around lasers with Hyperion gear. But simply switch from any elemantal mailiwan gun and what effect is on that gun (fire,cryo,etc…) Carries over to your next gun. Making any other elemantal gun a douple elemental weapon!! Fire and electric or electric and cryo work best for enemies of this game considering most are bandits

Regarding my post, I don’t mean just run through the game with a rosie lol I’ve been using the e-gun lately, its terrible accuracy but high damage makes it fun to use