Where to spend my last points?

Above is my current build at 66. Now, I definitely plan to top off Frostbite at 67 & 68. But I’m of two minds on where to spend the last two, so I thought I’d seek advice.

I’m of two minds on where to spend them, though other suggestions will be considered.

Thought number 1, is putting two points into Short Summer. Don’t really need the extra Recharge Delay on shields, as I tend to use almost exclusively Tediore shields, but the extra cool down on Cold as Ice would be welcome.

My other thought is to grab the other two one point wonder skills from Contractual Aristocracy, You First and All Glory to the Master. I originally was going to pass on those, but I’ve had better luck of late in finding Co-Op partners, and they would help when I’ve got a partner. A melee focused partner might prefer I not have You First, but I can respec in the unlikely event that ever happens. The only melee focused player I’ve ever encountered in TPS is actually myself when I play Athena.

So, those are my thoughts, and I’m unsure which path to take. As I said, other suggestions will be considered as well. Oh, and I use a Celestial Baroness COM, since I know that will be asked. Thanks in advance for all advice, even if I don’t take it.

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I’d go with thought number 1, iiwm.

This would synergize well with Nisha as your servant. :wink:

I’d be happy to try that out with you.