Where will the story go from here?

So there’s been a lot of talk about what had happened - in particular the general outrage over particular parts of the story.

But I’m curious as to what everyone thinks is going to happen with future instalments - not just DLC. As I am a firm believer that the war that was spoken about will happen as it seems too important to disregard.

My favourite characters in this series are :

  • Handsome Jack
  • Rhys
  • Sasha and Fiona
  • Athena
  • Dr Zed
  • Scooter
  • Maya

Now there are a couple who won’t make a return for obvious reasons (but good lord do I miss Scooter). But out of this list? I only see Athena coming back in the future…

I’d love for the real war to become a reality and a reluctant Handsome Jack AI to return but a part of me doesn’t want to touch him without supervision from Anthony Burch. As much as he isn’t liked, you don’t have to be liked to be good at what you do. He is a great writer and to me felt needed in 3.

Regarding the vaults and sirens…3 left me really confused about them. In 3 the vaults and sirens felt less impactful and rare whereas in other games, the whole journey was about the opening of one vault.

However The Destroyer is still alive - just stored on Pandora. The only thing I could see them doing is destroying it for good and using the siren powers to do so - thus breaking the cycle of siren powers being passed as it’s instead taken from their vessels and used to destroy the monstrosity for good. Perhaps even use the research Jack had done regarding sirens to do so - as he did have a collar capable of restraining and controlling Lilith that was never really looked into. So it’d be nice to see if that was perhaps knowledge he’d gained not only from the artefact he’d gotten from the vault on elpis but also from his years of working to open a vault. He wanted to know the location of all the sirens, remember? But…why? Because he was scared they’d stop his plan? Or because he needed them to cleanse Pandora once and for all - the warrior to kill the hostile creatures whilst the power of all 6 sirens to seal away The Destroyer forever? He was fixated on being the hero after all - even if his psyche became warped and his ego inflated to where he wanted to be idolised.

Let’s talk about it! Focus on the future and possible exciting plot lines. I’m mad about the story but tired of the negativity. What’s done is done so let’s have fun thinking about what’s next!