Where's all the excitement

…over our ‘buffs’ and co-op event?

Gearbox…your game is fading. Now’s the time to allocate some resources and do something new with it or let folks know the secret plans you have to add something to it that players will come back for.


Co-op only…

And buffs are just a band-aid…

Instead of fixing their stupid crap they’re just buffing weapons and hope people still swallow their BS


@cmthomas45 I mean yeah - but good luck with that whole thing.

At this point, I do not have any expectations that GBX has the intention or ability to “fix” the issues with BL3.

I am the hardest of the hardcore and have defended/supported GBX (as a developer) relentlessly, buuuuuuut - the evidence of which I am aware contradicts the idea that GBX is actively working to improve the state of BL3, at least at this present time.


May be co op yes; but the drops are still world drops since its badass enemies that are buffed… not much difference than lootsplosion modifier - except that the event counts towards dlc drops whereas LS doesnt, so it does serve some purpose

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I know :wink:

I for one don’t need more drops as it’s allready insane :joy:

But this just shows that they have no idea what they are doing :yum: feels like a desperate attempt at having people play together (or just playing at all)


If GBX wanted people to “play together,” maybe they should make the game playable in multiplayer? That would be a fantastic start. Good luck finding a multiplayer lobby on Xbone. And if you find one, good luck not crashing before the run is completed.


My point exactly :wink:

Instead of focusing on making the game enjoyable… GBX is just using the carot on a stick… And they genuinely think people don’t notice.


lol yeah

I’d actually LIKE to play some co-op but getting a group together is so…touchy, even when you have people already on your flist who will play with you. I can’t imagine trying to find someone through the matchmaker.


Man, it is over, it was a long run, but the game is done for, we actually need to pray for GBX to stop updating the game so we can get a community patch


laughing…I can’t possibly say you’re wrong. But it would be great if you were.

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This does not exactly have anything to do with what we are talking about here, but I have been around and actively playing the BL franchise, literally since launch day of BL1. And I was anticipating that game quite a bit. By this I mean that I have actively looked forward to the release of each game and also of each new DLC, throughout each game’s supported life. I have kept up with pre-release developments of the new games, etc. I think a few, but not all, folks here would fall into that same category.

Just having watched each of the game’s supported lives play out, my personal assessment of how the BL franchise has progressed is as follows:

BL1 = Homerun (by the standards of the time)

BL2 = Homerun (even by current standards)

TPS = Triple (based primarily on lack of content)

BL3 = Double (proportion of the game’s total potential met is less than 50%, which seems most sad to me among all 4 games)

That’s a pretty damn good track record, but the trend is concerning. And the fact that BL3 has so many obvious flaws does not bode well for the franchise.


I do. I even bought the Collector’s Edition of BL3 twice just to be sure. And because I was hyped AF.

Since it’s all opinions, let me give you my perspective:

To me, BL2 (for which I also was hyped back then) was the dip in the franchise. Afterwards it only got better.
After the initial hype for BL2 was gone and I entered the endgame, BL2 was an immense chore to me.
TPS was golden, just a bit too less on the content volume.
And BL3, being far from perfect and even far from TPS, is - again, to me - infinitely better than BL2.

So the trend that I am seeing is, to speak withe the Bosun, diametrically opposed to yours, Vault Hunter. :slight_smile:


what, don’t you find enjoyable to receive a dozen weapon buffs over a month of nothing while the core issues of the game in terms of gameplay and optimization remain ignored over a year after launch?

That’s shocking.


unless they do complete rescale nothing will ever help this game


Hi! :grin: Please note that I’m not trying to pick a fight with what I’m about to say but I genuinely don’t understand the point of your statement. It’s like saying water is wet! The point just seems pointless to me. But just in case I’m missing something and to try to be as clear as I can let me rephrase my sentiment as a question. Can you please name a PvE game that’s a year and a half old and getting older that isn’t “fading”?

Please note my use of the word PvE when asking my question. That word is important because the only way I can understand your observation as being useful is within a PvP context or a PvE game centered around group activities (e.g., Destiny 2). In a PvP/D2 context the amount of ppl playing the game affects your individual ability to play and/or enjoy the game. But for BL3 that doesn’t apply, so what does “fading” mean in that context? For clarity’s sake let me rephrase again. Given a PvE game that person X enjoys, what difference does it make to person X if no one else is playing it? (Assuming “fading” means some pulled out of thin air magic number of ppl that are no longer playing the game.)

At a minimum, if you can define what “fading” means to you that may be useful.



He hinted at what his opinion of it is.

Borderlands 2 retention fluctuated very well through the first two years with a higher retention and player count amounts through out it.

Borderlands 3 has been hitting lower and lower player base every month. Every chart online shows the biggest drop off back in May (hello M2.0 statistics of end of April) where it nearly halved and has not come close to touching the number since. (BL2 has easily hit the same number multiple time in first 2 years)

Edit: I was a May statistic drop off and my whole PS4 crew as well (40+ players)


Think the excitement went out the door once it became apparent that GBX had no intention of actually fixing the problems with their game that have been apparent since it launched.

Don’t worry I am sure whatever half baked dlc they throw out next will be the greatest thing ever and will be the next “game changer” or whatever phrase of the moment will work. However as with the track record of BL3 it will be in a broken state and will be one more thing to go on the list of things that will never get fixed.



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No point in a co-op event when the matchmaking takes a century to find another player and several centuries to find yourself in a team of 4. One could argue that just there isn’t many players left to be matched with, which in case that’s Gearbox’s fault too.

Once again, pilling buggy content on top of buggy content and showing a increasingly absent attitude towards fixing it had killed my excitement for it. Done about 400 hours in Borderlands and Season Pass 2 hasn’t made it to my shopping cart, and never will, until what I already paid for is fixed. DLC mission progression blockers, inconsistent drop rates, Mayhem 2.0, you name it.

One thing that will make me turn back to this game is the Cartels event, that is Mayhem mechanics done properly (just add more badasses to the mix wherever you are) and that sweet OST ain’t gonna listen to itself.


Amen on this and i agree.