Where's control? Where's meltdown?

Where are the match types? I want to play meltdown without going into quick match

You can not. Quick match que is the only way to play meltdown or capture. It seems to be pretty meltdown heavy though

Indeed, as skeksis said, you´ve to enter Quick Match. It was implemented so Meltdown & Capture get more in the spotlight.
Especially Meltdown seemed to have gained more popularity overall since the QM-queue is implemented.

Makes me not want to play. If I’m in the mood for meltdown I should be able to queue for it, just like before. Not go into a quick match queue and hope to get a meltdown or capture.

When quick match was introduced, I didn’t mind it, because when ever I would be indecisive I’ll just do what ever, but yea. I’m think I’m good for a while…

The problem though was the low queue numbers due to the preference for Incursion, I have found that I have had more Meltdown games since the quick queue was added, with the occasional capture match thrown in

The problem was, players like you quit so in the last few months the queue times were unbearable and we asked for a consolidation. If players like you didn’t quit we wouldn’t have needed to combine them, ine my eyes you only have yourself to blame…

In before the mods chastise ya :wink:

Talk about the topic yo, not the people :slight_smile:


Eh the rest was referencing “players like him” not speaking about him directly.

Apologies that was just how I read it, and I wasn’t having a go, just trying to prevent a mod intervention.

There everywhere, and they come bearing Alf.

No one really played Meltdown that often. You can actually play Meltdown more often now, and it’s almost always chosen. Basically, before you actually had less freedom, you just felt like you had more choice

I never left the game

Yea I remember sitting in a lobby for a while before I got a match, but it’s more of having that freedom of choice.

Sounds like you did the way you worded the op it seemed like it.

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Idk where it said " I’m going to stop playing this game." Or “I’m done with this game.”

This is literally the first thing you said in the post. This seems like something someone would say if they had at one point played battleborn, then stopped and started playing again after the most recent changes to the matchmaking queue. I dont know how you dont see where i would be coming from? But incase you didnt know, they had changed the queue a few weeks ago, so you must not be reading the patch notes.

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As you stated I stopped playing for a couple weeks, clearly if I wasn’t around for the departure of meltdown queues. Doesn’t mean I quit playing Battleborn, obviosly I’m on the forums now.
And reason why I took weeks away from the game, had nothing to do with the game.

So what you’re saying is that if he didn’t shut up and go along with everyone else none of this would have happened?

Can I dip my french fries in that salty attitude?

To all: Please stop the personal comments.

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