Where's everyone? Game list is always empty

Hey guys

I’ve been loving to know the Homeworld community is back alive, it was my favorite game back in the days, I’d spend so many hours playing online.
So yesterday I bought this Remastered version and went straight to the Multiplayer, but surprise: I never see anyone playing. Is there anything wrong with my game or my network configurations, or there’s times when more people are playing and others that there are none?

Thanks, and keep up the nice work!

It was pretty busy at launch, but it’s been steadily … well, dying (maybe declining is a better word). It’s probably due to stability and balance issues, that and I believe many of the HW1 fans have stopped playing because it doesn’t play like they expected.

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Try different times of the day.

Also, change your filter settings to detect ‘Worldwide’, that way you can seee all the available games.

Any games that are already going on are not displayed, only ones you can potentially join.

The game is alive, but I think that until the multiplayer is out of beta, we might not have our full player base.

Yeah I think most people are just waiting for the official balance mod to start iterating.

Its a nice thought, but seriously what’s the odds people are sitting there going…Well I’d be playing right now if it weren’t for those pesky balance issues :grimacing:

Even on the world wide filter with a player base that numbers a couple of hundred thousand I’ve barely seen more than half a dozen games queuing up at any time of day.

In fact a quick check world wide Right now showed 3 queuing up and one of those was locked

Biggest problem is probably the lack of a functioning lobby system :frowning:

it’s mid week, it’s always pretty dead mid week. that being said there’s probably more people in games than you think because you can’t see the games which are already in progress.

that being said though, a lobby chat system would help out a lot (one with a more than 40 character message length).

i’ve avoided playing a lot over the past week because i’m getting fed up of the same things over and over. vay almost always go corvette, hiig usually hypertorp and both end up rushing for bc. kush/tai do the same tech path over and over because it’s the only one that works. i’m just really frustrated with how the game is sitting right now… so yeah, in short i am just waiting for the next patch or the gbx balance to roll out and see what that brings.

I 've kept my eye on the multiplayer this last month, weekdays and weekends alike, games are clearly taking place that’s for sure but the number queuing at any given time is frankly miniscule for the size of the player base we have at our disposal.

Some way of seeing how many games are currently underway would certainly bolster my flagging mood about this combined multiplayer experience.

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there’s a difference between the active player base and the number of people who bought the game.

if for example you take the 200k pre orders that sold most of those people have done a chunk of the campaign(s) then moved onto the next latest and greatest thing.

take streamers for example, a lot of the guys who were streaming hw on release played for a bit then went off to play city skylines when that came out and after that they went off to play hotline and after that bloodbourne or what ever it’s called.

if you play a lot of multiplayer you see the same 40 or so names keep popping up.

anyway, the active player base is probably a couple of thousand people who are still running through the campaign(s) and probably a couple hundred people who play multiplayer at least once a week.

A couple of hundred !! I was pessimistic that it was only a couple of thousand.
Well that’s just fantastic :frowning: the original single player game has had its guts ripped out all in the name of multiplayer balance for a couple hundered players…that’s… just …swell.

If your not out by at least a factor of 10 I’m going to be seriously P.O’d :frowning:

when you bought HWR you also got HW and HW2 classic editions which are the original un adulterated games so you can play that if you really feel that way.

HWR is a mod for the HW2 engine, it’s not had it’s guts ripped out or anything like that for the sake of multiplayer balance… it’s just a mod which is still in development as much for single player as it is for multiplayer. this is more than evident by the core mechanics and bugs which are still being worked on at this point. we’re still a while off of seeing the focus not be on these core issues but on pure balance.

unfortunately the industry standard these days is to get a game to an alpha/beta stage and put it on the market as soon as possible in order for it to start generating income. that means the art team for example can go off and start working on the next project while a handful of developers can continue to work on the game over a period. it also means that the publisher doesn’t have to pay for extensive alpha/beta testing as the customer will do it for them for free and not only that but pay them for the privilege of doing so. it’s been years since i last saw a fully finished game go to market… even console AAA titles go to market with day 1 updates,

so yeah HWR went to market the the second the art team had finished it’s work on the graphical updates and the hw1 campaign had been ported to a playable state.

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HW1 has had all its stat’s altered for one and only one reason Multiplayer balance.
issues with incompatible engine mechanics are one thing we all can see and accept as the inevitable result of porting HW1 into the HW2 game engine.

Changing the R.U costing the attack and defence values removing the fuel mechanic and so on serve only one purpose four race Multiplayer balance. so yeah I’m going to stick with guts ripped out :frowning:

apart from the fact that they haven’t actually done any multiplayer balancing yet. only a few fixes for game destroying bugs.

ok i’ll let you know what they did when they were porting hw into the hw2 engine, they copied the old files into a folder on the hw2 engine and opened up the .ship files for kushan and taiidan and relevant hiigaran equivilants and then clicked the hiig one, went ctr+a then clicked the kush/tai ones and hit ctr+v then hacked it till it worked. in the case of the fighters they found they died to easily when playing the first 4 missions of hwr so they buffed up their HP by 1.5… thats why all the values are different.

didn’t you notice that the first few missions of hwr that were available for media review were the most polished? as soon as you hit mission 5 you started running into game breaking problems, objectives breaking, crashing etc etc… thankfully a lot of that has been fixed now but there’s still more to be done.

they’re working on squad formations for kush/hiig strike craft and sooting green beams of healing for the support frig and rep vette for multiplayer which will more than likely be rolled back into campaign to make it more playable

Here, open up the quote below and have a look at these R.U value conversions and tell me that’s not down to Multiplayer balance.

A lot more happened in that transfer than you seem to think.

Don’t disagree and that’s not the issue.

But fire up the classic version and attack a Frigate with a heavy cruiser. Now do the same in the remastered version. those changes in the survivability of that frigate are not pure hap stance.
Its the result of an effort to bring the HW1 frigate more in line with HW2’s tinfoil equivalents. With not much regard to how it impacts the single player campaign.
Or look at the grav well generator and tell me with a straight face that has not been drastically altered for any other reason than multiplayer balance.

The classics that were included are not unadulterated. MP has been disabled.

In case any devs are reading, here’s a list of basic things that HWR lacks - that are sorely needed to keep multi-player alive.

-Game filter needs to default to Wordwide. There’s never more than a few games hosted, filtering locally only makes people think there’s no games when there actually are some. hw2 was worldwide by default.
-Game list needs to auto-refresh as it did in hw2. Clicking refresh all the time sucks, and its easy to miss games.
-Number of players in game needs to be shown above the Game List, so that people can see there are actually games going on even when none are hosted. hw2 Gamespy sorely lacked this feature, but when the multiplayer community moved to Tunngle, it showed you how many people were online in multiplayer.
-Chat lobby!

HW2 multiplayer was active for 13 long years between Gamespy and Tunngle (mainly weekends only for the last five years). A few basic changes like the ones above will go a long way to help HWR MP last.


I’m waiting for the official MP Balance mod from Gearbox. Once that’s up, I’ll be playing tons. Another issue is the lack of lobby. There might be people there, but no one can see each other unless someone puts up a game.


Problem is that you won’t be able to play it unless everyone goes out of their way to download it and launch it. Mod support features are not that great right now.

-Number of players in game needs to be shown above the Game List, so that people can see there are actually games going on even when none are hosted. hw2 Gamespy sorely lacked this feature, but when the multiplayer community moved to Tunngle, it showed you how many people were online in multiplayer.

Won had that, we were able to see games on going