Where's my Golden Pedestal?

Pretty self explanatory I paid for the digital deluxe and it states I am to have a golden pedestal on character select and with this update it’s gone.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. But I want one.

Where’s my Golden Pedestal Gearbox?!?!

It was nerfed

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Lol yep i noticed mine gone as well😧

Mine too. Can we at least have yellow lights?

Just giving my 2Cents: I think you need to reactivate/re-select your pedestal-option. It happenend to some people after the first big Update as well.

Not fully sure where to change it back (I´ve no gold pedestal) but I think it´s in the “Options”-maintab somewhere. (were you can also change team-colors, controll settings, ect.)

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Mine’s gone too, can’t seem to reactivate it though since I can’t find an option like that. Meh.

There was never such option. It’s either a default one (if you have a standard edition), or the golden one if you have a digital deluxe edition. I need 1000000 platinum as a moral compensation.


Hmm, assumed wrongly then. If theres no option to set (be it in Career-options or general settings) then I guess a support-ticket is the way to go.