Where's the balance update?

So many chars need helix changes and balances, and it just frustrates the dwindling player base more and more that all we get is increased loot drop rate bait.

Marquis, a sniper, front lines like the best of them. There is no downside, small hitbox, no dps decrease when you are close.

Alani’s control is ridiculous still.

Plenty of chars needing buffs just to make them viable anymore.

It’s all gonna be a part of the next big patch that should be coming in a few weeks

A front lining marquis can die very easily one solid stun with bolder or Montana and they’ll die quick

Alani has great control but can be killed or pushed back easily

Most chars don’t have a stun (or until late into a heilx), so it’s a relatively moot point.

Alani’is hitbox is tiny and dps is comparable to most dps focused chars. No reload, and spammable auto’s. She can 1 v 1 and still provide support.

This “big patch” was promised this last week by various devs, but all we got is pve loot buffs.

Well a lot of chars have slow or knockup which can also shut him down

Caldarius hard counters Alani he can attack quick with his energy blade or strafe with the tmp and flashbangs and she won’t be able to do much

The update is basically ready and will be coming along with I believe reporting, broadcasting, and new maps. The rumor is Tuesday ATM.


The developers never gave a release date for the patch other than “July”. They never promised that the patch would be out last week. Don’t be attributing something to the developers that they never said.


Don’t speak for the player base. You don’t represent it.

To the best of my knowledge, the other things you listed aren’t getting changed. Marquis is getting a slight decrease, but it isn’t going to make much difference, IMO.

And I assure you, there are people here that absolutely wreck face with every character you think isn’t viable. (Not that I don’t agree some could use a pinch of love).

P.S. Start bracing now for the screams of Mellka being OP


Also, I’d prefer to have them take an extra to week to make sure everything’s ok and working as intended than rush it out too soon in a broken state to please the impatient masses. Which would result in more harm than good.

The patch is ready, it’s just going through the certification process. I’m hoping it comes next week but I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes the week after.

Was referring to the general process, and not this exact moment in time. I’m aware that it could’ve been live already if BB was PC only, but the console process tends to delay things quite a bit.

[quote=“Misguided, post:9, topic:1541092, full:true”]P.S. Start bracing now for the screams of Mellka being OP

I’m kind of laughing at this because most of the Mellka comments I’ve seen view it as a nerf, even if it does the same damage over a shorter duration (which means that, if you continually apply it, it’s an explicit DPS increase), because it means that the target’s shields are going to be coming back a few seconds earlier.

Personally, I see it as a buff because I don’t PvP. I just find it funny that different people will see the exact same change as antipodes.

True, but even without the venom changes, I think the increased frequency of wound on the battlefield (even if not applied by her) makes her venom that much more potent in the relative sense.

The update arrived in a damaged box so they had to refuse it. They’ll ship another on monday morning, should arrive in 7-10 working days.

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Yeah, my guess its coming out this week too.

Well, we already know Pendles is OP, so I guess it’s time for Mellka to be as well even with her strange haircut.

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I find the bonus odd, because shouldn’t you be rewarded for sniping well repeatedly Vs. not? And now Efficiency is weaker than the other option if you land all 6 shots when previously it was the same.

[quote=“Gulfwulf, post:17, topic:1541092, full:true”]so I guess it’s time for Mellka to be as well even with her strange haircut.

It’s not a strange haircut. It’s a terrible haircut. Seriously, it’s like you don’t listen to Boldur at all during the Experiment.

I stopped listening after he started flirting with the experiment. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, and Boldur is pushing all of the buttons!