Where's the bee!

Anyone have a lvl 58 Bee shield? Also looking for a lvl 55+ norfleet. Stuff like that. Having hell trying to spawn vermivorous by myself. I have a 50 bee, farmed for weeks, the 2 others i got were weaker. I have a lvl 58 fire infinity, 57 sticky longbow bonus package, 3 different hornets, 2 diff unkempt harolds, stuff like that. let me know if you can hook me up. thanks.

If you can take on Vermi, I’m assuming you can take on Hyperius-
Hyperius should be a better source for Norfleets.
What I can suggest, is to go fight Hyperius, then fast travel to
Caustic Caverns + Tundra Express-Farmhouse
to spawn Vermi. When you fight Hyperius, the game will automatically scale
to 4 player mode, making it much easier to spawn Vermi.

As for the Bee, what I do is travel to Immortal Woods
then take the exit to The Forest located right next to the Immortal Woods Fast Travel.
This way you can run through the Orc camp
farm the 2 Treeants in the Pool (where you got Bloodfruit)
Save & Quit, start right back at the entrance next to the orc camp.

Good Luck!

I’m dumb. Forgot to say I didn’t have those dlc’s. I only have the badass crater. I’m working on that though. My friend is getting me a bigger hard drive for my PS3. My bad.

Would going to Pete’s bar make it scale to 4P difficulty?

i have an extra bee lvl 51 and 61