Where's the best info on Loot Packs?

I’m not quite clear on what I can get from the faction stuff. I saw this: Understanding Gear: A Helpful Guide - not quite what I’m asking.

If I’m trying to find types of gear, I’m not sure the best buying strategy for loot packs.

With types of gear, do you mean Recoil Gear, Reload Gear, CC Gear, Heal Power Gear etc?

Possible Negative attirubtes Gear can have on different factions. Can’t be the primary attribute

LLC: Movement Speed, Cooldown Time, CC Duration, and Sprint Speed
Eldrid: Maximum Shield Strength, Buildable Cost, Shield Recharge Delay and Shield Recharge per Second
Peacekeepers: Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Skill Damage and Critical Hit Damage
Rogue: Maximum Health, Healing Received, Heal Power and Health Regeneration per Second
Jennerit: Damage Reduction, Reload Speed and Recoil Reduction

From this we can deduct that if you want gear which boosts movement speed, don’t go LLC, for example.

Legendaries have different rules, I think. (I remember Pheobes Lore item for example are boots, which should boost Movement Speed as their main attribute)

I think the post you linked should answer your questions quite well.

Well each faction focuses on specific stats and have specific drawbacks, and specific activation type, so it’s still a little safer to go with faction packs when looking for specific items.
With Jenerit packs, you may get -Reload Speed or secondary stats that procs with melee kills, according to the linked topic. A faction also can’t spawn an item with a major bonus that they don’t dabble in ( like you will never get +shield and derivate from Eldrid packs ).

Of course it’s not very straightforward as you will mostly choose a faction for potential secondaries or procs, or eliminate a faction because they won’t ever give you a specific primary bonus, rather than choose a faction because you’re looking for a specific primary. Want attack speed? Well you probably want to avoid peacekeepers. Interested in Attack speed, and +Health as secondary ? Aim for Eldrid. Want a secondary that procs on melee hits ? Jenerit. Loosing Heal Power isn’t an issue because you’re playing a damage dealer ? Rogue.

It can be useful to choose items based on the negatives because it will lower the activation price by that much while also not impacting your character ( -healpower on a damage dealer will just result in a cheap item to activate with no downsides ).

It’s obviously harder when trying our luck at blues or epics, even though they respect the same kind of rules. A specific faction won’t spawn you a positive specific bonus because they just don’t care about it. When looking for, say, attack speed and movement speed, you will avoid both LLC and peacekeepers.

Annoying in a way, but still it’s a step toward less randomness since a mission will give you something completely random you would have no control over. On the other hand, mission boss will drop specific legendaries so for legendaries it’s maybe still a better idea to farm bosses ( I guess ).

( I hope it’s clear enough, I kept being interrupted every five words when typing this :stuck_out_tongue: )

This was very helpful. Thank you.