Where's the big update?

Played with a dev two weeks ago who promised a big balance update this week, yet we have nothing but a reversion of matchmaking.

So many characters need tweaks and balances, but devs are quiet on that front.

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The balance update will be sometimes this month. Maybe they were hoping it would come out this week but seeing as how there is no content patch today it looks like it will be next week or the week after. I was hoping for this week myself but alas I will have to wait a bit longer.


I’m scared for this patch :mask:

they didn’t give a date for the update, just said soon


In four days it’ll be a month since the last one, so likely then.

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Patch update are coming on Tuesday ONCE a month.

So we have 12, 19, 26.

July 26th would just anger fans. But if it’s not ready, July 12th is a little soon for a monthly patch with that many features. July 19th would be the best date.


[quote=“laverdieremanu, post:6, topic:1540331, full:true”]But if it’s not ready, July 12th is a little soon for a monthly patch with that many features. July 19th would be the best date.

It’s been a while since they dropped a major patch (last one was Alani, wasn’t it?) so I’m betting on it coming this week. Also, are you sure it’s always a Tuesday? I thought that the Alani patch dropped on a Thursday (hot fixes on Tues, major patches on Thurs?). Either way, I expect it on the 7/12 or 7/14.

But, then again, I’m an optimist. It’s entirely possible that stuff is gonna be delayed because they put a lot of development time into “fixing” the PvP queue (which ended up being wasted effort because they reverted it in less than a week, iirc) and Gearbox might’ve shifted some developers away from the project because of the (currently) poor showing (like I said, optimist; I honestly believe that the population is gonna increase as more people figure out it’s an FPS-MOBA with PvE instead of a team-FPS with no PvE).

The last update was in June 14 so I think that they release the new patch July 12 or July 19.

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Big updates come on tuesdays because playstation. hotfixes, and enabling certain features of updates happen on thursdays because battleplan. :slight_smile:

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any idea what this " big patch" might intel?

adding pendles data to be activated on a thursday;
the 24 out of 26 character alterations they teased us about (at least 6 are getting ‘wound’ including caldy);
backend stuff that let’s gbx control ELO more easily in hotfixes;
and im hoping fixes to the legendaries they have disabled (I’d rather they over nerf them before balancing them to disabling them entirely),
etc. etc. etc. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up. yeah i want my vamperic up and running.

Noooooooo, I will be at Cooperstown for a baseball tournament!

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I’m hoping today is the day.

I think the best you can hope for is an announcement today, rather than the actual patch. I find Thursday more likely.

No I’ll be so sad if that happens considering I’ll be gone don’t announce plz just come out as the announce will depress me