Where's the community?

Is most of the battle born community on PC? Because queues on ps4 is pretty bad.

In my opinion, I think it’s mostly due to the lack of advertising for Battleborn, but I don’t really know, I’ve never seen an ad for this game.

However, this game is amazing, I would consider it my favorite past time. Of course it needs work, but no game is perfect. I feel the release was rushed, but mostly due to a budget? That’s what I feel anyways. It’s one good competitive game. Hands down.

So, where’s the community for this game?
Is it mostly PC? XBOX? Or just a dead game? Hope not the latter.

Mostly PC, Ps4 has problems in certain regions but not in trouble, Xbox is lively and healthy

The community is smallest on PC based on what I’ve read. I’ve been playing on PS4 since launch and it has taken a noticeable decline, especially the last 2 weeks or so. I live West Coast USA and Meltdown matchmaking dies every night around 11 pm like clockwork. Matchmaking is getting slower but generally I can still find matches during prime hours. 6-10 pm PST.

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PC has the least.
PS4 and XBOX are doing well-ish with apparently the XBOX being overall healthier (which is surprising to me).


How is that surprising (I would agree but lately “niche” games have thrived on it)

I’m also surprised that XB1 has the healthiest population. Considering that PS4 seemed to be the one that had the biggest population for a long time.

I also felt a decline in PS4 players… Makes me sad. But then again, I don’t play regularly either and I’m in Europe so :c


When the game first released the PS4 playerbase seemed to be the largest of the 3 systems with the Xbox One playerbase right behind it. The PC playerbase was always the smallest of the 3. As it stands now the Xbox One has the healthiest playerbase with the PS4 behind it by a bit. The PC playerbase is fairly small at the moment. We’re all just going to have to wait until the changes to the queues and made and for the large update in October to be released along with the Story Operation DLC (and I am assuming Kid Ultra) and see how all of that is received.


Has there been a PS4 exclusive released recently? Because that would probably eat into the numbers…

As an X1 player. This is not true. At least not based on experience over the past month.

As a European X1 player, it is for me.

Well I’ve had short wait times 1 minute at most

I am very jealous of you, haha. Glad you’re finding matches a lot faster than I am. Maybe it’s just the PvE side of things that’s having issues.

What is your gamer tag, I could invite you

Same as my name here. I only do PvE though, which I know most people don’t do. Thanks though! :slight_smile:

It’s OK your welcome!

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I made a site so we can create a community i find people to play with. In fact today i’m releasing it… it’s really simple but i hope it can be of help.
The site is https://www.battlebornmatch.com/

I’d attribute that to PSN issues though. Most people who’ve stuck around this long are dedicated.

Hey man, im on Xbox1 an im always down for some PVE run throughs, GT- B0bZ0mb1e2113 add me up an shoot me a msg if youd like, im still a little new i just got the game around a month ago, but i hit the ground running an i love this game so im only gettin better everytime i play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not really to me, Gearbox had raising popularity with Microsoft, and BL had a strong base with Xbox. The game as a whole seem to pair up nicely with the console. This is no disrespect to the players but… PC gamers always want the latest and greatest now. BB is basically trudging alone and i don’t thin player on PC have the patience to wait for things to get fix. Not to mention all the endless amount of free games they could get. I like PS4 and i only get Xbox cuz my friend gets PS. But IMO if you get a PS4 it is because you like hack ‘n’ slash, adventure, and j- games. Xbox has always had better FPS, and a bigger market for it. BB control scheme also fits nicely into how consoles play. There aren’t any active items like in other MOBAs, and you don’t need button to alter settings on the fly.

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Theres pretty much close to zero player base in Australia/New Zealand because theres only one server down here-the rest of the time we get red/yellow bars and the devs are evading any and all questions about it.