Where's the compensation for those of us who preordered the DDE?

Barely two weeks following launch and not only have First Born survived the hell that was Marquis-dominated Incursion exploits and disgusting balance issues, but now you’ve basically cut the price of the game in half. I played the CTT and the Beta and I was all too happy to preorder the game. Now it’s all but dead on PC, and you think that spitting in your fanbase’s face is going to revive it? The changes to Incursion are GOOD. The balances tweaks have been, so far, GOOD. Turning this game into a quick cash-grab with no regard for those who’ve already purchased it is BAD, and you should feel bad for doing it. If those of us who preordered the DDE don’t get some kind of compensation, I’m calling that the last straw and cutting my losses. Way to be, Gearbox.

Please use an existing thread on this issue.