Where's the DoT love?

Essentially: why aren’t there very high DoT weapons with low ‘impact’ damage, shouldn’t we be better able to take advantage of DoTs if we wish?

Every now and then I check out fun sounding skills like Moze’s Superior Firepower, which doubles status effect damage. And what could be a cool synergy with the 500% elemental crit anointment. But it always ends up disappointing.

The most I’ve gotten out of it is using a D.N.A. with both of the above. It feels great, enemies melt to death on their own and crits hit for millions (takedowns not so much). Outside of that, DoTs are just screen clutter.

I know and have used melee shenanigans to produce crazy DoTs with millions on tick, but that’s a niche build too lopsided for general play. There’s guns with over 200k DoT but it doesn’t matter as it contributes peanuts to your overall damage.

If you’ve played Arms Race, you know elemental guns can wreck like you’d expect. How could this be better balanced, or would you like to see it be more of an option?

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All the dot love went into unleash the dragon haha


Borderlands is very unique FPS where you are awarded for good aim, especially trough hitting weak spots so critical damage.
DoTs would remove this requirements for fast kills, but looking at Borderlands 3 specifically, there are so many ways to kill enemies without hitting weak spots (because of balance) that I think it could work.
However, I think it’s very late in Borderlands 3’s life cycle to implement such idea in balanced way.
But as I mentioned when was BL3 actually balanced and not easy.

I would definitely welcome DoTs as competitive type of damage (my favorite way to deal damage in RPGs) and I would suggest to give DoTs insane scaling if they are applied trough true critical hits.

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DoTs are an awkward one. As the base damage needs to be enough to reliably kill basic enemies but not so much that it just kills them in one to three seconds. As it is the damage is not high enough. Dots are useful for Moze’s skill activation, Harmagdon and maybe Amara skills

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oh yeah man why can we not kill everything with slam? or slide? or just telepathy? hell man hate being pigeon held into having to shoot enemies in the crit spot :lying_face:


Just thinking out loud, I know it’s late in the game. They were clearly giving players ways to specialize status effect damage but it falls short and feels like a missed opportunity.

I agree with rewarding players for doing a specific thing. 500% elemental crits is a mechanically well balanced anointment. More so than holding a gun and using an action skill, it requires a crit to proc the effect. Would you use it?

Balance is kind of out the question for me. I can shoot a Plaguebearer above enemy heads or let Iron Cub kill everything while I watch. I’m rewarded for investing in both.

Would it be so different if Plaguebearer applied a huge DoT instead of splash?

maliwan was literally attempted to be made for that concept problem is it is incredibly hard to balance damage now always beats damage late, and if you can just hit something to apply the dot and then go around the corner and they die it is too hard for a.i to pose any threat. in addition to that dots are incredibly easy to apply and with certain skills or coms it easily gets ridiculous. if you are talking in a paradigm of 100 op guns yeah it is truly meaningless if in a game with free radical and plasma coil what would be 100 more that apply ridiculous dots nothing. But the way game was designed dot is just suplimentary dps to a gun’s nade’s damage output. in the same line of thought why would you want huge dots when you get those kills without dots anyway?

DOTs probably should have received some form of mayhem scaling to keep up with enemy hp at higher levels. Would be cool to see some DOT focused builds that aren’t locked into using 1 specific artifact.

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Because there are already in place mechanics that take advantage of it. Damage now is doing 500% of a DoTs damage on crit. Radiation explodes on kill for 3x the damage/second. Moze can stack 100% more status effect damage. Why was it added and why would you use it? You probably wouldn’t (except for cryo).

There could be more interactions with mayhem modifiers or scaling, new artifacts, rebalancing gun/status effect damage ratio, tweaking anointments and skills, allowing DoTs to stack upon each other. You could build around it.

It just another option that could be available to the player.

I wouldn’t mind there being a character with a tree focused on a bit more DOT interaction than their regular use but at this point it would have to be in some future game. The only way for DOTs to really compete for a spot in BL3 would be if they deleted enemies in just a few ticks like UTD does. I could see the idea thriving a lot better in a game that would actually require you to fight badasses and bosses for at least some time instead of just taking them from 100 to 0 before a generic DOT even has a chance to apply any damage.

There are many ways to make DOTs an interesting mechanic outside of just making them do huge ass damage but none of them would be very useful in BL3.

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DOTs overall could do with a bit of a rework and adjustment, I like the idea of letting them stack X amount of times to really build up damage and make constant shooting with DOT focused weapons more worth it.
Another thing is to have DOTS give more effects rather than just damage, like cryo and rad have but expanded for the other 3 elements

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I find it interesting they don’t.

Shock is a good example. It has the shortest duration, just 2 seconds or 6 ticks. But shock isn’t scaled to do more damage than radiation, which lasts 8 seconds or 24 ticks and has the aura/radsplosion bonus.

If you inspect a shock weapon it reads “Electrocution deals very high damage” as opposed the others just saying “high” damage. Shock overall as an element gains more against shields than any other matching element, but still.

And just for fun, there’s a mayhem modifier that reduces status effect damage by 90%.