Where's the fun?

After playing and farming M10 for a couple of hours, trying out different modifiers, there are two things I noticed:

  • I am not really playing against BL enemies but I am playing against the Mayhem system
  • I am hardly seeing the “fun” factor in comparison to the old M4. It’s more of the same monotonous grind and crazier but not more fun.

Why the heck am I refarming for something that seems less enjoyable? I dont even like refarming but something in the old system was making things enjoyable.


I don’t know. I didn’t like playing above M2 in the previous system, but today I was having fun in M4.

I’m gonna probably take a break from this game and maybe I’m just tired from a lot of things.

FYI: I’d been playing this game every single day since Thanksgiving week of 2019 until today.


There is no fun, just more pointless grinding. I was excited to play mayhem 2.0 after work today and 3 hours in i’m just disappointed. It’s more of the same. Farming Graveward on Mayhem 9 and nothing is dropping. Blues and purples. If a legendary does drop, it isn’t anointed. Been playing since launch as well and a break sounds good. Might just stop playing altogether.


TBH Enemy Health, Shield & Armor should have capped at something like Mayhem 5
This is OP Levels ■■■■■■■■ all over again needing to refarm gear. Modifiers are hard enough.

It’s no longer just ‘FUN’/Unique Modifiers anymore since they REQUIRE u to have gear vs. +125000% stats just to get certain gear… thats tedious and freakin unfair.

You can’t play a normal game anymore because max level Mayhem 10 is all sorts of craziness and overpowered stuff. You can’t play non-Mayhem or lower level Mayhem modes if you have Mayhem 10 gear cuz then ur OP against everything now. They restrict ur gameplay to certain modes(levels) only

These OP/Mayhem Levels ruined the balance all over again.

P.S. Melee doesn’t scale to Mayhem levels


I honestly think the fun is in mobbing. Gravy is just plain boring. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of good ol world drops with these new events. Having fun again here FWIW.


I’ve been kind of beating my head against the wall on this for a few hours now. Even with M10 weapons, it feels like you need the perfect anointments more than ever to stand a real chance. It’s just a huge mess of a whole lot of enemies that take a billion hits to kill and that kill you in two hits. Not really fun.


That’s weird.

I was able to do Joey’s Planet on Mayhem 10 with Mayhem 0 weapons on my Zane. Was everything a bullet-sponge? Of course, but I was able to keep myself alive and whittle down the boss and all his minions. To be fair, I had some experience tackling challenges with underleveled gear having done level 57 Mayhem 4 True Takedown with a level 50 Redistributor.

I went back later with other Vault Hunters on Mayhem 4 (with Mayhem 0 weapons) and breezed through. I got the “3 minute” and “finish mission without dying” challenges done. Since I have to do the mission multiple times anyways to complete the challenges, I am going to work my way up to the Mayhem ladder and see how it goes.

One bit of advice I can give: bring a Cutpurse artifact with you and melee things to replenish your ammo.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important part: it was fun!

It feels like they used to balance new stuff and uvhm in borderlands 2 around a very few broken items/mechanics: the bee, slag, harold etc instead of normalizing and tuning down everything.
Now in 3 you have the same over the top ■■■■ in the form of anointments, crazy multipliers behind several layers of rng and gearbox balancing around those incredibly optimized builds in mayhem 2.0. This type of grind is not fun.


Its always been a grind game, name one mmo that isnt… most games tier like this and have for the last two decades of gaming.

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Ok boomer.


or you can stop defending frustrating mechanics.

i can do mayhem 10 easily but the game has introduced such a massive powercreep


ayttt hope she sees this bro

No, it’s not. It’s a FPS with some RPG elements that is by no means massively multiplayer. And as someone who started gaming on a little 13" TV hooked up to a Pong Machine, I gotta say that the problem with these sorts of nostalgic ‘back in my day we walked to school uphill both ways’ rants is that it doesn’t take much to see that doing it that way wasn’t actually better.


Not sure what has insulting kids have to do with the discussion. What does insulting fortnite players have to do as well? Tbh I’m still puzzled why that game is so popular. Was there ever an elitist kid who beat you up so badly in fortnite and you are now ranting that up here? I am genuinely curious.

Please, talk about the game, not other forum users.


Apart from the game being unplayable for me on Xbox because of sound bugs and cosntant crashes, I’m actually disappointed that m10 is laughably easy. All it took for me and a buddy in co-op was a lvl 57 recursion and we we’re able to kill our way through m10 no problem. Got Krakatoas and other strong weapons with good anointments withing minutes and the game was as easy as before the update.

I thought this was supposed to be a significant increase in diffculty, something you really have to work for and m10 being out of reach for at least the first few days. Nope, it’s really not hard at all and now the only thing that really changed are the whacky modifiers I wasn’t looking foward to in the first place. Now the game has really come full circle in terms of making the same mistakes as diablo3. Now we have 10 arbitrary diffcutleis that don’t mean anything because they don’t offer a distinct challenge, we have the visually intrusive colorful effetcs which are totally immersion breaking and the unnecessary high damage numbers on all items.

Oh man, what am I even complaining about, I can’t even play the game anymore because it’s completely broken on Xbox. Cheers GB!


I played Borderlands and Borderlands 2, around 1K hours each.

I could buy legendaries in B, there were some nice boss specific drops as well. And there was Crav madness ofc.

I could get some nice e-techs and boss legends in B2, and pretty quickly (Lyuda ftw), and this was enough. Sure I didn’t really like the way raids were handled, especially the rewards, Gunzerker exploit makes me sick and most DLC were recycled junk, but I wasn’t feeling like I’m wasting my time.

I haven’t had a fun in Borderlands 3 grind bs. The campaign is plain boredom, the drops are atrocious (you know where you can stick your loot events Gearbox), the legendaried are trash, the end game balance is garbage (supposedly meant for only the most broken builds by some no lifes) and apparently is Overpowered crap yet again. I gladly dumped the game right after merely trying Mayhem, and most likely never going back.

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I too am losing the passion i once had for borderlands. Everytime GB comes out with a patch or update the game gets drastically worse.
Now, it seems Zane’s action skill bars no longer refill with Seeing Deam com. This 2.0 crap and worthless farming is likely the end of my interest in GB and Borderlands all together.


Seemed decently challenging…till a moar dayammned yellowcake with 300 percent dmg to mobs over 90 hp dropped. Now m10 is a joke on moze that weapon is infinite ammo never need to reload and doing 10 mil+ hits and only have the m7 version of it atm and no heavy weapon dmg mods on relic.