Where's The Love?!?!?!

that being said…
i pre ordered this game, just the base copy, because i had other games to play as well and didnt want to get lost in the dlc. since then the game has gone on sale multiple times at 50% off for all editions but the season pass only gets a 20% discount every time.
only people new to the game get a good hook up from you guys and everyone who already owns the game gets a middle finger?
This is extremely unfair to everyone who supported you guys from the beginning.
This has kept me from playing, and will continue to keep me from playing, your game for months now, even with my friends who finally purchased the game (at 50% off) and have the dlc to continue without me.
Unfortunately that means I will not put any more time or money into your game unless that changes (even a 40% discount would be acceptable IMO)

why do owners of the game get the middle finger on season pass discounts while newcomers get 50% off everything


I think it is because the game itself (new copy) has to compete for sales with pre-owned copies, whereas DLCs compete with nobody since they are downloaded separately & not on-disc.

I don’t understand the complaint. You pre-ordered the game because you wanted it at launch. It is a known fact by all gamers that games are discounted over time post-release in order to stimulate new sales - that’s just capitalism.

If you are frustrated about the cost of the season pass, each DLC is $15 each, for a total of $60. The season pass is $50, and based on what you said the season pass is 20% off. So that’s a $40 pricetag, which is basically the same price for which you could have bought the Super Deluxe Edition of the game (game plus season pass IIRC). That would put you in for a total of $100, the same price that you would have paid if you had pre-ordered the Super Deluxe Edition.

I am not quite sure what the complaint is here, but perhaps I just don’t understand.


The games a joke rn 30$ for scam pass 2 ill tell you what i told my friends and so on…save your cash put it towards a better game till this game decides to be more responsible


this is what i always end up doing unfortunately ($40 for and old game or $60 for a new, ill drop and extra $20 every time!). would be nice to see a decent discount on the season pass though so my friends and i can finally play this game thoroughly!

i really feel like you didnt read any of my posts before you responded in the discussion…there were 2 points as to why i didnt have it and one as to why i wont acquire it
1- i was waiting for friends to get the game before i purchased dlc so i wasnt bored with the game by the time they got it (selfish i know)
2- for 40 bucks (season pass sale) i can get a whole new game that i havent played yet (if its on sale) or just 20 extra still gets me a whole new game (kinda a third point there but i consider them to be two halves of the same whole aka NEW GAME!)
and for the other point i wont buy the dlc because i feel it deserves at least 40% from time to time (and this too i feel can be part of reason 2 above)

did you read my posts?

DLC 2, next to the guns and tentacles


Just a little fact to tone that down:

  • owners of Borderlands ultimate ass edition, season pass 1, season pass 2, or Borderlands complete ass edition get extra skins as a “thank you”.
  • people that bought the game and each DLC separately (day 1 or later) get a middle finger.

So, your love to the game is only meaningful to Gearbox if you preorder things you have no information about or buy discounted packages. Following this logic, if you bought day 1 separately the game (70 /€) and each DLC (4 x 15 /€), you don’t deserve thanks.


Gearbox wants to make money. Bringing in new players gives them more people to sell new content to. They’ve already sold you so no need to give you a discount

50 or 50 % discount i agree fully sadly most nags here won’t if they don’t ignore them and continue your valid points.

Sense day 1 countless bugs game breaks crashes we deserve compensation.

40% off is a valid request and if it goes unheard start a fight to change the price.

And ignore the naysays

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uh oh someone got upset

“If you really loved the game, you’d already buy the season pass!”

Lol. I do love Borderlands, I have since the first game. But I love my wallet more. So it’s gonna be a Steam Sale for me, dawg.


Lol, I’m super passionate about this franchise but I’m not buying the 2nd season pass. Guess I’m not a fan anymore! :crazy_face:

Anyway, I do feel slightly disappointed super deluxe pre-orders don’t get a discount at least. The game goes on sale so often I regret pre-ordering the game. Ah well, I got my money’s worth and at least I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the new stuff. Honestly its just learning the hard way.

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Got my season pass for 50% of release price lol.

TIL: If you don’t buy something right on, you don’t love it.

This exactly the type of mindset on costumers that companies loves the most, because they know that they’ll profit, no matter how little effort they make in developing and selling their products.

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its probably marketing as they assume that owners of the game will most likely buy the DLCs because they are already hooked, while newcomers have to be pulled in with discounts…except…the game is not hooking at all right now xDDDDDD