Where's the mayhem at?

First of all note that I haven’t gotten into circle of slaughters yet, been leveling multiple peeps and only just got the first character to 50 about a week ago. That being said, wife and I had time off together yesterday, so naturally we checked out proving ground for our first time. Needless to say, we can’t complete the map with over 25 minutes remaining - But it’s not because we did poorly…

Where the heck are the enemies at? We were clearing an area, finding ourselves waiting for the wall to drop to continue only to find out that more enemies were coming. I thought it was based off when the enemies died that more would come - but they just weren’t spawning fast enough. I thought we’ll in world maps enemies don’t show until you get close to their spawn points, so I’d run around in circles after enemies died trying to spawn more only to still have to wait. With the movement buffs that Zane gets, there were times I could run an entire lap around a ‘cleared’ section of proving grounds before more Maliwan troops would drop in.

The only Trial that we didn’t find ourselves waiting for spawns at was Survival… Ever single other trial we did we had to sit there and wait for more enemies. How do I make mayhem when I’m getting bored waiting on your content to load? Is this just a problem with the ongoing co op lag that doesn’t seem to be worth fixing to them or is the game just not meant to be chaotic like avertised?