Where's the mods for my character?

I’m so tired of not getting mods for the character I’m using. Every time I’ve beaten Wotan in Maliwan Takedown I keep getting mods for FLAK or Moze. Literally the last 7 mod drops have been for FLAK. I DON’T EVEN USE FLAK! I’m using Zane! Even the box in Sanctuary never gives me mods for my character. It’s always for a character I don’t even use! Can you please fix this, so we can all get the mods for the characters we’re actually using?

Doubt they will change this, I think they want people to try other characters (or use the drops for trading?) Seems to me, though, that I get slightly more drops for the character I’m playing (unscientific hunch).

I believe based on the BL2 loot article that drops should be weighted towards player character, since it wouldn’t make sense to change that. But it’s not an definitely not an exclusive chance.

IIRC the justification was that everyone in a party should have a chance at a reward for their character, but the programming of the loot roll (as presented in the loot article) only takes into account player character as a factor to keep things simple. IOW it does the same calculation regardless of whether the player is in a party or not.

Running solo today in Moxxis DLC, Zane no luck bonuses above 1% in GR’s and Jackbot did this. :rofl:

Forgot to add I always run with co op mode set to Co-petative.

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If you need a good Seein Dead mod I have a L50 one with +3 in Donnybrook and passives :-

+25% Weapon Dmg
+31% SMG Dmg
+31% Pistol Dmg