Where's the TPS love?

, i still don’t understand why people are so terribly dissatisfied with this game.

I feel like i really just experienced it fully for the first time starting back in the middle of February when i did my first ever fuly solo playthrough with Aurelia (well, solo until i got to level 50, and then i co-op’d UVHM with @acnaero ss Athena) and i finally did every side mission and fully explored every map.

Obviously, it wasn’t quite as long as BL1 or 2, but, it wasn’t super short, either.

The levels and graphics are gorgeous, the dialogue and storyline are amazing (aside from one ridiculous Falcon Punch), there are plenty of funny references and some cool Easter Eggs, and, if the game is shorter, it is because i think they focused more on plot and character development rather than having a bunch of pointless & repetitive “revisit this area and pick up these items” side missions.

Admittedly, the game did suffer from a lack of RAID bosses, non-repeatable enemies, and a relative lack of legendary / unique weapons, many of which were recycled, as well as changing the focus of loot / gear farming from chests & enemies to vendors & the grinder.

However, the introduction of Oz kits, lasers, cryo and the grjnder all really helped make up for that, in my opinion.

I think the main thing honestly comes down to DLC, RAID Bosses, and Arena type levels; within 2 months of release, BL2 had two amazing campaign DLCs (both of which had at least one or more RAID boss), a fifth character, and an extra Circle of Slaughter (on top of the Circle of Slaughters already in the game).

TPS just seemed undersupported,which is tragic.


I agree with your comparison pretty much 100%. TPS is so much more fun at the base game but the lack of content is so disappointing. Hell I’d be happy if some of the BL2 stuff was ported to TPS. Lack of raid bosses is a big disappointment for me.

I could go for some Loot Midgets and Pearls!!! :wink: But really though, I couldn’t agree more. It’s a different game for a reason… if people wanted the same BL2 game, they should keep their BL2 disc in TPS case and they won’t be as disappointed! Slag will always be the best, but it was almost too easy! So they nerfed it and made Cryo! Yeah, there aren’t as many raid bosses unfortunately and the Claptrap DLC was the only real story DLC they added, but t still is worth every penny to me!


You preferred slag to cryo?

I learned to HATE Slag by the time i was through with UVHM and OP levels!

I had a BLAST freezing and exploding screenfuls of enemies with Cryo!


Loot Midgets, Pearls and evolving enemies!


I just mean in regards to damage you deal out ha Getting slagged or frozen sucks… but a slagged Sand Hawk… OMG! ha Cryo is cool though, just different!

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Yeah, you could definitely more do more damage with Slag, that is very true!

There are Loot Bugs in Claptrap dlc :slight_smile:

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Nowhere near the same! Definitely don’t drop pearl weapons, or any weapon for that matter lol


Are they are a UVHM only thing?

I have only played it in Normal mode!

I got one or two in Normal Mode(still havent finished dlc, not enough time), but dropped only money and ammo :smiley: But I’ve seen few playthroughs and they seem to be common :smiley:

You haven’t seen any loot bugs come out of the glitched chests ever? Maybe you just haven’t even noticed them, they fly out pretty quick

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The bugs that fly our from the chests!

Yep, killed plenty of those, some Moonstones occasionally, but otherwise just ammo and petty cash!

/facepalm & derp!

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Yeah I know, pearls are kinda missing in TPS, but atleast loot bugs are a thing, I really liked midgets in BL2 :smiley: My friend got legendary from them :slight_smile:

Loot Bugs were awesome!

LLM’s especially, but on our Krieg / Sal co op playthrough in December, starting from the very beginning of Normal mode, me and @acnaero by level 15 we had gotten no less than 5 Legendaries from Loot Midgets, it was awesome!

The glitched guns makes up for it. There are quite a few of those I really like.

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Yeah, glitched guns are pretty nuts!

The level 30 glitched corrosive blaster I got from The Spyware Who Came In From The Cold is INSANE.

Won the entire DLC for me1

Really need to experiment more with other glitched weapon types!

Agree, glitched weapons are great :smile:
Its just that pearls were in every main BL :smiley:

The Cutie Killer might have permanently replaced the Torrent for me. For a talking gun, it’s absolutely hilarious, and the first since Shotgun 1340 I’d like to keep around.

After a bunch of not up to par Pearls in BL2, it is better to have none than having half a batch that don’t work like they should.

The game did not have an easy start (all that “It’s just a overpriced DLC for BL2” complaints), I think that already set the tone for a lot of negativity with people. Which I (all IMO) opened for an unfair release of the game.

The game is good, not great or BL2 standard, but a good and fun game. It though also had too many really annoying bugs from the get go. Some of the bugs which took long to fix (eg perma cryo) or are not even fixed yet (eg Celestial Fragtrap).

The scenery I cannot really agree with you. It’s okay, but I find it more dull with a lot of maps looking too similar to each other. (Claptraps DLCs changed this for the better). The lack of fast travel stations in them is also annoying.
Speaking of Fast Travel, if you look at the map once you beat BL2 and compare this with TPS once you beat it, the TPS one will look a lot more empty (no DLC for both games). I think this also leads people to just assume this game is so much smaller.

I also personally do not like the new additions that much, never got into the Cryo or Laser craze, the constant loss of O2 just plainly annoys me.

That said, TPS also got a lot of things right. Scaling is much better, maybe with UVHM being scaled just a tad too easy. The new characters are good. Some of the NPCs are better, some are worse than their BL2 counterparts.

To sum it up, I do not think TPS deserves all the flak it got, some is deserved, a lot is not. The game is no BL3, and this was clear from the start, but still some people got disappointed and this also lead to more harsh reaction than deserved.