Where's the TPS love?

It builds character!

Also, we seem to get along better when we don’t co-op.

Sorry, bud.

I really really love tps. And its definitely longer than bl1. And with this new dlc and respawning boss patch. There’s finally a pretty nice endgame. This game has some of the best weapons and playable characters out of all three games. And some of the coolest environments and mechanics


I never deluded myself that TPS was going to be “BL3”. It was obviously GBX giving us a bit of extra Borderlands gameplay, using BL2 resources, to tide us over until the next big release. Consequently, I’m thoroughly enjoying TPS for what it is. 600+ hours and still plenty to do.

The thing I love most about TPS is its characters. The bit of “FPSRPG” that gets my endorphins flowing, next to the shooting, is reaching that next level and getting new skills. I always thought it was strange that it was BL2 that introduced the Vaulthunters as being “badasses” and then made them feel as weak as heck (Krieg excepted ). It was all about the gear, so all my characters ended up relying on DPUH/Bee because that combo was the easiest to get hold of. I only farm under duress :smile:

In TPS, all the characters have skill sets that are powerful in their own right. Give Nisha an average Jakobs pistol and she’ll clear a room. Aurelia can do the same just by throwing out her shard. Athena can use any old weapon as long as she can make the opposition Bleed. Of course, gear makes a difference but you can find good enough stuff as you play through the campaign.

I have no problem with BL2 (2000+ hours) but it’s noticeable that, since TPS was released, I’ve played some BL1 but not gone back to BL2.

TPS doesn’t seem to throw enough baddies at you in a single encouter


Awesome! Thanks for the info.

The thing that really bums me out about people being so hostile towards tps in comparison to bl2 is that i fear some of the changes that i really love about tps might not survive because of a lot of people werent so accepting of them. I really hope the grinder remains and the way that they did vendors.
I also would really like to see the bigger emphasis on platforming and finding different spots to engage people from. In bl2 you go about most fights in nearly the exact same manner, where as in tps there are a lot of fights which i find my self constantly engaging from different elevations or different spots, trying new tactics.
I really like the level desing in this game because of how they embraced that verticality allowed by the oz kit. (Speaking of which, i think they are a considerable improvement over relics)

There is one issue i have with the game, and its only a problem with characters havent complete nvhm, and that is how they handled getting your third weapon slot. I think i would have made It so you get it after talking to pickle the first time, or sometime leading up to entering the drakensburg.

Other than that annoyance, i personally cannot think of anything that i feel bl2 did better than tps. And no having more content doesnt count haha. And bl2 did have more content, but you naturally had to pay for that extra content, so tps has less content but it is also cheaper.

Of course at this point you could get the bl2 goty, but you get what i mean, and that still doesnt even have all the dlc.

But yah, thats all ive got to say about that haha


Ya I was hoping for pearls as well, there were enough requests for it.

Hate to say it man, but the grinder, lack of farming, and endgame content was why so many people left, not to mention lack of guns I still feel its nowhere near as many as bl2 which they said at the beginning with their advertisement for the game it would have more. Its still very fun dont get me wrong I enjoy it, the more borderlands the better, many people just like bl2 better.

Try the Claptastic Mutator Arena at level 9 :wink:

“And…kiss each other.”
“I know, right?”

I’m liking TPS. Maybe not as much as BL 2, but I’m still enjoying it. The Clappy DLC was fantastic and I hope, but am not expecting, more DLCs of the same caliber in the future.

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I still dont understand why people dislike the grinder. it was pretty lame that many of the bosses did not respawn, and you could “maybe” argue that that is because of the existence of the grinder, (but honestly i think they were just experimenting with what works and doesnt work for people) but so what. If the grinder didnt exist and bosses didnt respawn it wouldve been even worse. But now we have both respawning bosses AND a grinder, the best of both. you could play the whole game and not ever use the grinder, baring the one mission of course.

All in all peoples dislike of the grinder doesnt make much sense to me.

as for the weapons. base game bl2 compared to base game tps are not far off from eachother in terms of weapon count. With all the dlc tps falls behind, but thats a given.

And as otaku said, after bl2 pearls, i honestly do not mind them being gone.

i just dont see it as “more content =/= better”


I get where your coming from trust me man, but Ive read comments here, in the other forum, in the steam community and on web streams as to why people dont care for TPS much, lack of things to do at levelcap is just one, with only one raid, and yes the grinder is a part of that gripe. Unfortunately people feel BL2 is THE standard of whats to be expected, and quite a few feel it didnt meet that. Many are angry, some hurt others feel this game was used as a"cash-in" to fund even more money toward battleborn. In any case while I myself will buy BL3, gearbox in my mind will have to make a stupendous game to get people to go running after it let alone buy the Season Pass again. As to the amount of guns I dont really see a larger variety of them compared to bl2. But whatever a trivial thing to debate over, the gun amount…

And on the old forums I used an analogy comparing BL2 and TPS with Pearl Jam’s Ten and Vs. In short , the analogy was that Ten and BL2 set the bar way too high, and Vs. and TPS “sucked” in comparison, causing many people to become disenfranchised with the band/series and abandon it, while others realized that the band/GBX probably wouldn’t be able to follow in the wake of such a huge success, and just took it for what it was: a great album/game.

Yah i dont mean to sound snippy, i have a tendency of coming off a bit douchey when im arguing a point haha.

I totally agree that there are more guns in bl2 than tps, just before any of the dlc i think they pretty much had the same amount.

And i said before i couldnt think of anything that bl2 did better than tps, but that was a lie. Evolving enemies and the larger variety of human enemies is one thing. And bl2 had spiderants haha.

But yah ACNAero pretty much nailed it with that comparison. For me though bl2 is my second favorite in the series (bl1 and tps tie for first)

But i honestly expect bl3 to be a great game in all regards. Tps is like halo 3: ODST for me. It wasnt designed as the next big leap forward in the series, it was there to provide a good story and more of the fun, intense gunplay of the series.

and despite its more humble begginings, ODST is still my favorite halo that ive played

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I might be completely weird but and this could be just me but…

In my continued time with the series, I’ve come to realize the #1 reason why tps didn’t tickle my fancy the same way it’s predecessor’s did and it will be one thing I will always hold against tps base game:

The music.

It completely fell flat for me.

And it was frustrating during my first few playthroughs because I didn’t realize it until recently that it was the biggest problem I was having with the game.

Music/ambience has always meant a great deal to me emotionally in life and I just can’t for the life of me, resonate with the base game soundtrack – in fact it makes me want to disengage. I now only play base-game with sound effects & dialogue audio on, and music at 0…and I am actually having a much better time while playing!

The swing, twang, groove and quirkiness of Borderlands 2 soundtrack had me from the get go! I can sometimes just sit on that main menu screen or walk around Sanctuary for longer than necessary just to listen to that BGM. Get’s me giddy just thinking about it.

For tps, I love the characters and new mechanics a bunch! And post Clappy dlc/patch, the only thing about the game itself that still irks me anymore is the base game bgm and the distance between and sparseness of fast-travels.

Actually, Clappy dlc bgm get’s back to the essence of what I love, so at least there’s that. I’ll keep the music on for that.

I guess the whole moon/spaced based tone of the music just isn’t for me.

Thanks to your comment, I realized it too…the music isn’t right!
I really hate the menu music, and most of the music in vanilla game. On the other side, I love Claptastic Voyage music.
I like every borderlands, even TPS, and get bored in a few minutes in TPS. I think next time I’ll go to plug.dj :smiley:

You are definitely right about that my man, i completely overlooked the music, but i did notice from an early point that a lot of the music in tps just did not have that vibe i loved in bl1 and 2, and the music in those games is some of my favorite in any game ever. I personally really like the music that plays in moxxxis, but thats because i feel tgat it nailed the space disco vibe they were going for. Most of the other music seemed like it was trying to added a spacey-ness to the tone of the first two games and just comes out sounding not quite right