Whhats the best weapon to bore Bunker and other boreable enemies

If any one has suggestion I would like to hear them and where the weapon comes from

Hello !

Check this link, you should find what you need.

If you want a more accuracy-centered weapon: a Corrosive Pimpernel or Lyuda will drop him in one shot if you hit him just right.

As for a spray and pray: DPUH will do it.

For mobs in general? I tended to use shotguns.

For Bunker I suggest anything that fires lots of bullets quickly.

Even a generic vladoff pistol of any rarity.

Maybe a lascaux as well.

would infinity work decently?

The level one starter pistol

Weapons that do stuff on impact work best, because they do it every b0re. That’s why the Pimpernal is so good to use.

But with BNK-3R he’s so easy to B0re any gun that puts out lots of projectiles quickly will do.

Almost every gun will work, More bullets = more chances of hitting that perfect spot. For me it depends on the boss.

For Hyperius I think that DPUH and Twister are the easiest.

For Bunker I think that Pimpernel and Butcher are the easiest. Allthough when you know what spot to hit you can b0re bunker consistantly with every weapon.

yeah hyperius has ben giving me issues ill try a few of those weapons on him

To make hyperius easier, do not spec into Velocity.
And have the bots be in shield mode before you shoot your b0re shot.
It can be done without, but its much much easier to get overlapping hitboxes when the shields are up.

Good luck!

thanks ill try that ive just been using quasars to group them up then praying i got a bore

If you have a corrosive norfleet or topneaa you shoot the bots when they are all quasared up. That way you get them all to shield at the same time.
Youre almost guaranteed to bore hyperius after that.

2 words:

Norfleet Bore

Soo…Borfleet then.

(I so funneh)


keep your day job kitty


When I had tea with Bunker with Zer0 at 72 he showed me the goods after two or three shots from the Unkempt Harold on his side.

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If you’re still having trouble I bet this guy could help:

Corrosive Deliverance is a fun way to kill him! Get it just right and you can one shot him…well…technically two shot. One shot then throw the gun!

This threads a bit dated. I am sure the OP has found a suitable gun for Bunker at this point.
Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions!