Which alien/aliens game would you take?

Played Alien Extermination at the Arcade this weekend–Its fun but not my favorite.Which Alien/Aliens game would you guys choose if you could only have 1 and why?Any system/Arcade version–SEGA GENESIS-PS1-PS2-PS3-PS4 and /or Arcade or whatever other systems theres been an Aliens game made for that you might have played.Mine is 1 Million% ACM PS3 handsdown the Greatest.If only Sega would make a PulseRifle Replica close to the same size that has Mass Vibration for the PS3 that works good–id be an ACM addict worse then I already am.

All the alien arcade pieces fail in my eyes. Too many “creative liberties” with the aliens (a bat-xeno, a shark-xeno, a cyber-xeno). Before anyone gets all “but shooting the same three skins over and over would be boring”, remember Call of Duty does it every year. Stick to the basics (eggs, huggers, drones, warriors, queen) and stop trying to make everything as hectic as the last 30min of Aliens.

That’s why I would pick AvP gold or Alien:isolation. Nailed pacing and atmosphere perfectly.

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My Favorites in order (#1) ACM-PS3 (#2)AlienTrilogy-PS1 (#3)Alien Resurrection-PS1 (#4)Alien Extermination-Arcade(#5)Alien 3- Sega Genesis(#6)Alien Isolation- PS3 ----Alien Isolation will eventually climb the ladder when I have the time and patience to beat it.It has a chance to get the #4 spot.Ive never played the AVP games but I heard they are fun.I did love the Marine mission on AVP for Aliens…Thats actually the only part I played on AVP.It was fun tho

The 2001 Aliens vs Predator 2 by Monolith for PC: it suffers from no consolitis and holds a special place in my heart.


Tough call here I like them all to a certain extent. My all time favorite is a tie between AVP2 and ACM. ACM could have been the best Aliens game ever if they had just stuck to authenticity and not taken creative license to the worst extreme. Bubbles (boiler), the Crusher, and the Spitter really need to go. They could have replaced those with the Dog alien and the Alien Warrior from AR which was a spitting alien, and it would have been fine. Hell they could have just left out the special xenos and it would have been fine. Yeah the story was questionable but at the end of the day its all about fighting xenos in an environment true to the movies and gearbox did accomplish that so…yeah ACM would get my vote for best if they would have stuck to the original aliens, got rid of the ridiculous dialogue and kept it simple and brutal!


Thats right! I think the most developer miss this in the Aliens and Alien games, in the last 3 years. Sometime I got the feeling that some kids (like on Time Gate Studios) did the games, wich didn´t grew up with Aliens or never really saw the movie(s) as a kid. They don´t see the Alien FC like the “older” folks.

The people who saw Aliens or Alien at the 80´s, as a kid (my age was 9), knows what I mean. After this movies I was totaly excided about it, but I $hit my pans too. The Alien is for me not that boring CGI Monster that comes today in the theaters or games (like Evolve).

I hope the new Alien movie is not CGI made and the Aliens aren´t cannon fodder like in the AvP movies.

My Top 5

  1. AvP 2 | Best Aliens game ever (soo far)

  2. AvP 1999 | I love the fast and deadly Aliens on this titel

  3. A:CM | Well…it´s ok, but way toooooo easy. With some mods it is decent. And BH is for me the best Aliens xp in a videogame. If the AI could be better, it would be my favourite.

  4. AvP 2010 | The SP is to short. You got only five hours of gameplay. But a great game overall with a good AI

  5. Alien Trilogy

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